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A William Deins, also known as William Deane was in business as a foreman at the Sturbridge Graphite Mine.  The Bay Path describes the settlement of this region and the documentation from the original land transactions of Sachem Squanto to John Winthrop. I recently met online a descendant of  a William Deins/Deane, whose permission I obtained to post his branch of his family tree. Personal information for living persons has been omitted for privacy. I believe these are relatives of the Sturbridge Lead Mine William Deane See: Deins William, so I posted it in case you may recognize your family tree. The following family tree I believe represents the lineage of  the Taunton Deanes.  See the following hyperlink for a detailed article about the Deane family of Taunton and their descendants Deane Family,M1

A great website on this family can be found at   Dorchester Deanes

1John Deane b. 1440 m. Johanna Sellwood  One child: Richard (see below)

2Richard Deane b. 1470 d. 1586 m. Joan. One child. Walter (see below)

3Walter Deane b. 1540 m. Johanna Walsele Three children:  i.William Deane (see below);  ii.Joane Deane b. 1576; iii.Eleanor Deane b. 1576; m. Richard John Strong ch= 2 John Strong who married Margerie Deane (daughter of William Deane) and Eleanor Strong m.Walter Deane (son of William Deane) [below].

4William Deane b. 1574 ENG. d. Oct 11, 1634 ENG m. Margaret Wickham. Ten children:

i.William Deane b. 1600;

ii.John Deane b. 1601 d. April 25, 1660 m. Alice Strong (1635-37) [See the Will of John Deane of Taunton at the following hyperlink:  ch= 6 John Deane m. Sarah Edson 3 children: John Deane, Joseph Deane, and Faxon Deane , Thomas Deane m. Catherine Stevens d. of Thomas Stevens; Isaac Deane m. Hannah Leonard, Israell Deane, Nathaniel Deane, Elizabeth Deane ]

iii.Joane Deane b. 1602 d. bef. 1634;

iv.Thomas b. 1604 d. aft.1634 arrived aboard The Elizabeth and Ann; married 10 June 1629 Mary Wary (daughter of John Wary and Mary Dean)

v.Susan Deane b. 1606 d.. aft.1634;

vi.Isaac b. 1608 d. aft.1634; married Margerie Smith

vii.Margerie Deane b. 1610 d.1635 m. John Strong (son of Richard John Strong & Eleanor Deane) Descendancy of Elder John Strong;

viii.Walter (see below);

ix.Ellianor Deane b. 1614 d. aft. 1634;

x.Elizabeth Deane b. abt.1616 d. aft.1634. may be the Elizabeth Deane Twinning, whose son, William Twinning married Anne Doane (daughter of Deacon John Doane),M1

5Walter Deane b. May 13, 1612 ENG d. 1693 Taunton (son of William Deane and Margaret Wickham) m. Eleanor Strong (daughter of Richard John Strong and Eleanor Deane, granddaughter of Walter Deane and Johanna Walsele) Walter Deane was a tanner by trade and married Eleanor Strong and had sons Joseph, Ezra and Benjamin, and daughter Mary, who married Shadrack Wilbore.  Walter also married as his second wife, Eleanor Cogan. See the Cogan family genealogy and  Walter and Eleanor Strong Deane Nine children: 

i.William Deane (see below #6) m. Martha Bateman (1670) m. also Methebel Wood (1677);

ii.Joseph Dean b. 1636-40 m. Mary Tipping;

iiii.Abigail Deane m. Joseph Wood;

iv.Ezra Deane b. Oct 14, 1646 d. Oct 26, 1728 m. Bethia Edson;  Descendants of Ezra Dean

v.James Deane b. 1648 m. Sarah Tisdale;  Quinebaug plantation inhabitants met to organize town government May 31st, 1699.: James Deane, town clerk; See:

vi.Lydia Deane b. 1650 m. Bartholemues Tipping; 

vii.Mary Deane b. 1652 m. Henry Andrew;

viii.Benjamin Deane b. 1656 m. Sarah Williams;

ix.Samuel Deane b. Jan 24, 1666/67 d. Oct. 1, 1731.

6William Deane m. Martha Bateman Concord, MA (/1/1670) Five children: i.Martha b. Aug. 17, 1671; ii.William b. July 5, 1673; iii.Samuel b. July 27, 1675; iv.John b. June 25, 1677 d. Feb. 1751; v.Sarah b. March 6, 1682 d. 1687.

6John Deane b. June 25, 1677 m. Mary Farmer (daughter of Edward Farmer b. Nov. 3, 1675)Seven children: i.John b.Jan. 10,1704/5 (see below); ii.William b. May 7, 1706; iii.Edward b. Sept. 14, 1707 (see below); iv.Ebenezer b. Jan. 28, 1708/9 (see below); v.Thomas b. Nov. 23, 1712; vi.Molly b. Apr. 16, 1715; vii.Samuel b. Feb. 24, 1717.

7John Deane b. Jan 10, 1704/5 m. Sarah Wilson (d. Mar. 1, 1744/5) Jan. 9, 1729/30 at Billerica.  Two children: i.Mollee b. May 14, 1744; ii.Dorcas (d. June 5, 1750)

7Edward Deane b. Sept 14, 1707 m. Patience Wyman,  (d. of Jacob  & Elizabeth Wyman) died six days after delivering her first child, i.Patience b. June 9, 1741. Patience m. Benjamin Gloyd Dec. 27, 1770 at Woburn, MA.  Edward married second wife, Sarah Robie of Billerica. Two children: ii.Jesse b. Feb. 17, 1754 (well known citizen of Burlington); iii.Sarah b. June 3, 1756, wife of Major John Radford.

7Ebenezer Dean b. Jan 28, 1708/09 m. Mary Rodgers on Dec. 7, 1732 at Billerica, MA. Three children: i.Ebenezer b.Oct. 7, 1733 at Woburn, MA d. 1810 at Lincolnville, ME, m. Patience Crookins, May 26, 1763 at Georgetown, Sagadahoc, ME; ii.Sarah m. John Polloard (d. May 13, 1805); iii.Unknown daughter b. 1737 d. 1737 Tewksbury, MA

8Ebenezer Dean b. Oct 7, 1733 m. Patience Crookins. Six children: i.Ebenezer b. Dec. 5, 1757 at Wiscassett, ME m. Jane Green Oct. 19, 1801 at Vinal Haven, ME (d. June 24,1857); ii.Samuel; iii.John; iv.Sherebiah b. Jan.1765; v.Betty b. Jan. 18, 1766 at Wiscassett; vi.Joseph b. Nov. 24, 1768 d. May 28, 1841 at Lincolnville, ME m. Dorcas Green March 6, 1797.

9Joseph Dean b. Nov. 24, 1768 d. May 28, 1841 m. Dorcas Green March 6, 1797 Seven children: i.Ebenezer b. Jan. 20, 1798 d. Feb. 17, 1798; ii.Prudence b. Mar. 17, 1799 m. Ephraim Calderwood  in 1826; iii.Ann b. Jun 15, 1800; iv.Joseph b. Mar. 21, 1802 d. Mar. 13, 1886; v.Dorcas b. Oct. 14, 1803 d. Jan 25, 1807; vi.James b. May 13, 1806 d. Mar.17, 1834 m. Abigail Clark; vii.Calvin b. Dec. 1, 1808 d. Aug. 15,1856 also m. Abigail Clark.

10James Dean b. May 13, 1806 m. Abigail Clark. One child: i.James Dean b. Sept. 7, 1833 d. Nov. 4, 1921

10Calvin Dean b. Dec. 1, 1808 m. Abigail Clark. Seven children: i.Elizabeth A. b. Oct. 28, 1837; ii.Dorcas b. Dec. 1, 1840; iii.Maria b. 1841 d. 1909;  iv.Joseph b. Feb. 6, 1843 d. July 22, 1908;  v.John C. b. 1846 d. 1908 m. Eva Miller; vi.Prudence Jennie b. Oct. 13, 1848 d. Nov. 19, 1851; vii.Mary J. b. April 8, 1845 d. Nov. 10, 1851.

11James Dean b. Sept. 7, 1833 d. Nov 4, 1921 m. Faustina Pitcher. Five children: i.Leslie Clinton b. Mar.23, 1867 d. Feb.22, 1938; ii.Hollis Augustus b. October 28, 1868 d. Oct 3, 1955 m. Bertha Elms; iii.Willie b. 1870 d. 1870; iv.Orrin C. b. Mar. 12, 1873 d. Oct. 12, 1939; v.Mary L. b. 1880 d. 1880

12Hollis Augustus Dean b. Oct. 28, 1868 d. Oct. 3, 1955 m. Bertha Elms. Two children: i.Harold b. May 25, 1899 d. Aug. 10, 1979 m. Alcadia Hutchins; ii.Cranston Blake b. Mar. 29, 1906 d. Aug. 1981 m. Bessie Manary Heal

13Cranston Blake Dean b. Mar.29, 1906 d. Aug. 1981 m. Bessie Manary Heal. Three children: i.Herbert; ii.James m. Pirrette; iii.Mary;

14James Dean m. Pierrette. Three children: i.Allan; ii.JoAnne; iii.James Jr.

15Allan m. Jacqueline. One child: i.Cranston 

16 Cranston

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