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                                                                                                     FAMILY TREE OF JOHN DOANE, DEACON

Sir Knight Deacon John Doane came to the colonies with the initial 5 ships of the Winthrop Fleet which sailed to Plymouth and the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the spring of 1629.  He was in business with John Atwood of London who represented James Sherley.  He moved to Eastham on Cape Cod around 1645. His burial place may be seen at the following link  Some of his descendants are called the Cheshire Doanes. Some great links to websites that I have found on this John Doane are and History of Barnstable MA  and Ephraim Doane son of John Doane of Eastham

An abstract of the family tree of Deacon John Doane of Eastham is provided below. 

Sir John Doane b. 1590 Manchester, East Essex, Eng., d.  11 Feb 1685, Eastham, Barnstable, MA.  Known to have arrived in 1629 from Leyden, Holland, where many English fled to escape the religious persecution of England. View the following link to a historic landmark

Married twice 1st Lydia UKNOWN and 2nd Anne/Abigail PERKINS: Eight Children 
1) Lydia, ch=5

1.Lydia Doane m. Samuel HICKS;

2.Abigail Doane m. (1690) Samuel LATHROP [son of Hannah Howe(s) and Rev. John Lathrop, whose second wife was Anna Hammond]; 

3.John Doane m. Hannah Bangs in 1662 and Rebecca Pettee in 1694;  According to Sewall's diary, 5 June 1713 John was made J.P. (718)

4.Daniel Doane m. Hepzibah (Cole) widow of George CRISP See #7514 7515 and 7516 & m. 2nd wife, Constance Snow children=8:

i. Daniel Doane (member of the Friends Society) b. 23 Nov. 1687-88 d. 1 Sept 1743 at Newton, Bucks County, PA m. Mehitable Twinning and Mary Yates        [d.of James Yates] children=8: i. Daniel DOANE was born on November 28, 1687 in Cape Cod, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts.ii. Lydia DOANE was born on October 30, 1690 in Cape Cod, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts.iii. Eleazer DOANE was born on December 21, 1691 in Cape Cod, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts. Will Proven Sep 17, 1757 iv. Elijah DOANE was born on April 3, 1694 in Cape Cod, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts. He died on September 21, 1736.v. Joseph DOANE was born on February 23, 1697 in Middletown, Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania. m. Mary Carter (14 Oct 1726) 7 children; He married (as his first wife) 8 January 1689/90 in Eastham, Mary Godfrey, who was born there 2 June 1672 and died there 22 January 1724/25, daughter of George Godfrey.  Joseph & Mary were the parents of:  (a) Joseph Doane, married Deborah Paddock, a son, Nathaniel;  (b) Hannah Doane, married Joseph Sparrow, seven children, Mary, Abigail, Lydia, Hannah, Joseph, Hannah and Rebecca;  (c) Daniel Doane, married Ruth Cole, seven children, Mary, Daniel, Nathaniel, Joseph, Ruth, Rebecca and Ann;  and (d) Elisha Doane, married Elizabeth Sparrow, a son, Elisha.  Joseph married (as his second wife) Desire Berry. vi. Isreal DOANE was born on March 20, 1699 in Middletown, Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania. He died in 1797.vii. Elizabeth DOANE was born on August 20, 1701 in Middletown, Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania. viii. Rebecca DOANE. ;

ii. Constance Doane, who was born 7 March 1669/70 in Eastham, and died there 5 March 1741/42, daughter of Daniel and Hepzibah (Cole) Doane. married George Shaw, son of Jonathan and Phebe (Watson) Shaw, was born about 1667 in Plymouth Colony and died 2 May 1720 in Eastham (Barnstable) Massachusetts.  He married 8 January 1690/91 in Eastham, Constance & George were the parents of six children:

ELKANAH SHAW, born 7 October 1691 in Eastham.

REBECCA SHAW, born 10 March 1693/94 in Eastham.  She married 8 June 1710 in Eastham, Nathan Young.  Rebecca & Nathan were the parents of a son:  (a) Elkanah Young, married Mercy Mayo, four children, Bathsheba, Deborah, Thomas and Elkanah.



JOHN SHAW, born 6 October 1700 in Eastham.  He married after 10 November 1729, Martha Knowles, who was born 28 January 1713/14, daughter of Richard and Martha (Cobb) Knowles.  John & Martha were the parents of three children:  (a) George Shaw(b) Martha Shaw;  and (c) John Shaw.

JONATHAN SHAW, born 17 February 1702/03 in Eastham.  He married 5 October 1731 in Eastham, Sarah Rich, who was born there 1 September 1712 and died before 23 September 1743, daughter of Thomas and Mercy (Knowles) Rich.  Jonathan & Sarah were the parents of a son:  (a) Thomas Shaw, married Mary Atwood, eight children, Azubah, Elisha, Sarah, Persis, Rebecca, Mary, Samuel and Jonathan.

iii. Samuel Doane b.? d.? m. Martha Hamblin (30 December 1696)

iv. Mary Doane b.? d.? m. Thomas Fisher; 

v. Thomas Doane b. ? d. 1779, Haddonfield, NJ;

vi. Sarah Doane b.? d.? m.?;

vii. Ebenezer Doane b.? d.? m. Lidia UNKNOWN. 6 children DOANE: Ebenezer b. 22 August 1706,  Thankfull b.5 March 1708, James b.10 November 1709, Keziah b.22 May 1712, Levi b.9 December 1714, Mary b.12 August 1724. See:  

viii. RUTH DOANE.  She married (as his first wife) in 1710 in Eastham, Nathaniel Mayo, who was born there 7 July 1681, and died there between 16 September 1760 and 6 October 1761, son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Wixam/Wixon.  Ruth & Nathaniel were the parents of five children:  (a) Abigail Mayo(b) Abigail Mayo(c) Ruth Mayo(d) Elizabeth Mayo, married first David Nickerson; Elizabeth married second, Judah Rogers, a son, Judah;  and (e) Nathaniel Mayo, married first, Hannah Horton; Nathaniel married second, Mary Randall.

5.Ephraim Doane b. 1642 m. Mary Smalley and Mercy Knowles ch= 9:

i.Patience Doane,

ii.Appia Doane,

iii.Hezikiah Doane m. Hannah Snow, 2nd Mary (Smith) Freeman and 3rd Sarah (Elkins) Mayo Knowles ch= 2 (a) Elisha Doane b. abt. 1699 Provincetown MA; died 7 Dec 1759 Wellfleet MA married Hannah Cole 26 Feb 1718/9 at Truro MA  and  (b) Hezekiah DOANE Jn of Province Town and Thankfull BICKFORD of Truro were married 7 October 1731. Note: Joseph Doane's son Daniel Doane (above) married Ruth Cole. I wonder if they were sisters.

iv.Thomas Doane,

v.Ebenezer Doane,

vi.Ephraim  Doane b. 22 May 1718,

vii.Nehemiah Doane b. 13 Oct 1719,

viii.Patience Doane m. Joshua COOKE,

ix.Ruhama Daone married Richard STEVENS. 

Deacon John Doanes 2nd wife Anne/Abigail Perkins ch= 3

6.Anne Doane m. William TWINNING [s. of Elizabeth (Deane/Denne/Deins) TWINNING] Dorchester Deanes,M1

7.Timothy Doane;

 8.Martha Doane m. Joseph HARDING; 

I think that if there is a connection between the Deane/Daynes/Deins/ and Doane families, it lies within the relationship of  Anne Doane and William Twining and William's parentage to an Elizabeth Deane/Denne/ Deins-I believe, daughter of William Deins of the Graphite Mine or granddaughter/great grandaughter of Sir William Daines b. England 1600.