* ** Abraham’s CHILDREN (7) in bold capitals GRANDCHILDREN(33) in bold italics Webmaster's direct lineage is underscored***


1ABRAHAM DAYNES b. 1640 Yarmouth Maine d. 1689

  m. Sarah Peake (12/27/1671) children= 7 New London History

Savage's Dictionary of Settlers Vol. 2 states Sarah Peake d. of William Peake and Elizabeth UNKNOWN 


Murdock site says Sarah's parents are William and Elizabeth (Tomisson/Thompson) Peake 

Ancestry Charts: courtesy of cousin Brenda of Kansas John Owen Descendants Descendants of John True Jr. Descendants of John Whitehead  Descendants of Thomas Hammond  These charts show an important link to Tabitha Owen Beard and Margaret Beard, her daughter, who married  Ebenezer Dains, son of John and Rachel Bond Dains, 3rd generation descendants of Abraham and Sarah Peake Daynes, of  New London, CT.

Stephen Lawson notes Abraham's wife's parents as Christopher and  Dorcas (French) Peake [d. of Thomas and Susan {Riddlesdale} French] See: Stephen Lawson also shows the descendancy of John Owen and Rebecca Wade.  Of interest to the Daynes family is the son John Owen, Obadiah Owen and his son Jedediah Owen m. Christina Winchell and had Tabitha Owen who married Jacob Beard and had Margaret Beard who married Ebenezer William Dains, 4th generation descendant of Abraham Daynes of New London. Stephen Lawson also has the Bond ancestry at his site.  Steven Lawson's Surname Index at See also the following site:,river::owen::1169.html LDS site shows 2 Abraham Daynes' born 12 years apart: Abraham Dane m. Sarah Peake [d. of Christopher and Dorcas (French) Peake] and Abraham Daynes m. Sarah Peake [d. of William and Elizabeth (Unknown) Peake]. Both Abrahams were married the same day. Sarah Peake's brother William Peake married Abigail Comstock on June 24, 1679. For a genealogy and descent of Abigail's grandfather William Comstock see:  For a link to the Chappell connection to the descendants of William Comstock see: and Pane-Joyce Genealogy Notes: According to the land records of Colonial Connecticut, Abraham Daynes sold land to Robert Lovelands.  Abraham Daynes had 100A "made over to him" from Thomas Crocker of New London.  Robert Lovelands sold the land bounded by Edward Stallion and Obadiah Bruins ... 27 Oct 1668 to Thomas Parkes of Stonington, CT.  Signed:  Robart Loveland. Wit:  Daniell Wethrell, Alexander Pigan. Ent. 11 Jun 1688 . See the following hyperlink:  and .            See a family tree of Thomas Parke of  Stonington, Preston, and New London at .

Sarah Peake Daynes married as her second husband, Micah Rood, son of Thomas Rood and his wife Sarah. See the following hyperlink  Thus, Sarah Peake Daynes Rood became the sister in law of George Rood, who was the nephew sent to live with his uncle Thomas Leffingwell. Thomas Leffingwell's wife would be George's aunt,  thus making George a nephew (by marriage) to Thomas Leffingwell.  Sarah Peake Daynes Rood had three other children surnamed Rood.  At the time she married Micah Rood, all of Sarah's children by Abraham Daynes would be under the age of 21. Johanna Daynes, eldest daughter of Abraham and Sarah Peake Daynes, married Daniel Palmeter [s. of Joseph and Mary March Palmeter/Paramenter]  30 April 1696- five years after the death of Abraham Daynes, which occurred before 15 January 1691, when widow Sarah Peake Daynes married Micah Rood, brother of Sarah Rood and son of Thomas Rood, attorney at Norwich.  By 1708 all of the children of Abraham and Sarah Peake Daynes were married.  This means that the children's stepfather was Micah Rood. Mabel Warner Millikan has a DAR file which indicates that Abraham Dains/Daynes/Deans was listed on Mather's Refugees from Long Island page 321.  The webmaster believes that the source cited by Millikan actually describes the grandson of Abraham Daynes of New London, also named Abraham Daynes/Dains/Deans as the refugee from Long Island since this list must  includes persons who were alive after the death of Abraham Daynes of New London (abt. 1691)  Millikan DAR file A variant spelling of the name appears in New London County Records as Abrah Dane or Abram Dains


2EPHRAIM DAYNES b. 15 Jan 1686 d.  July 1757 m. Sarah PASSMOUTH #ch=8

3 Abeil Dains, b. 18 Oct 1711 d. bef 1757

   m. Mercy POLLEY (1/28/1735) ch=3

4Hannah Dains b. 5 Jan 1735 d. 1829

m. Johnathon THOMPSON (11 Jan 1749) ch= 1

5Dorothy Thompson 

   m. John Daines???? Ch=???

            4Lucie Dains b 7 July 1738 d. 1739-1832 m.???

            4Jemima Dains b. 21 May1740 d. 1741-1834 m.

3 James Dean, b. 28 July 1716

    m. Elizabeth ROOD (10/11/1738) #ch=8  NEW YORK

4Jerusha Dean  b.1739

4Anne Dean b. 25 Mar 1741 d. 27 Feb 1779

4James Dean b. 1743

   m. Ann CROCKER (11/3/1789) 

            4Joseph Dean b. 1746

               m. Mary RUDD (1749) (Norwich, CT) ch=1

                       5 Mehetabel Dean

            4Elizabeth Dean b.1748 

            4Simon Dean b. 1753

            4Levi Dean b. 1756 d. 1756 

               m. Martha BIGGAR (date???) ch=7

            4Sarah Daynes b. 1 Mar 1751 d. 20 April 1826

               m. William MURDOCK ch=6 William and Sarah Daynes Murdock

                        5Eliphalet Murdock b. 13 July 1775 d.8 Jan 1852

                          m. Anna McCALL

                           m. Sally DOUGLASS 

                           m.  Lydia STEELE

                        5Betsey Murdock b. 10 Mar 1788 d. 19 Dec 1863

                          m. William RHOADES (2 Nov 1814) ch=6

                                  6Theron William Rhodes b. 30 Nov 1815 d. 2 April 1890

                                  6George M Rhoades b. 28 April 1818 d. 26 Jan 1895 Grand Rapids, MI

                                  6Betsey Anzelette Rhoades b. 13 Mar 1820 b. 3 April 1901

                                  6Columbus Fayette Rhoades b. 21 Dec 1824 d. 5 Mar 1911

                                  6Benjamin Franklin Rhoades b. 17 Dec 1826 d. 3 Jan 1878

                                  6Fanny Christina Rhoades b. 28 Mar 1830 d. 5 May 1866

                        5Joseph Murdock b.14 Nov 1783 d. 9 Oct 1843 

converted to the Mormon faith, and, along with his wife and sons went with Brigham Young to Salt Lake City

                           m.Sally STACY ch=2

                           m. Julia CLAPP

                           m. Amoranda TURNER

                           m. Electa ALLEN

                           m. Sarah ZUFELT

                           m. Marjory McEWEN

                           m. Sarah BARNEY/BONNEY

                                  6Joseph Stacy MURDOCK    

                                  6Nymthus Cordian MURDOCK                            

                        5Celinda Murdock b. 5 Oct 1790 d. ? 

                            m. Lambert FULLER ch=2

                                   6Mary Ann Fuller m. Unknown NEWTON

                                   6Sarah Fuller

                        5Fanny Murdock b.26 Nov 1777

                           m. Chauncey ISHAM

                           m. Elijah HAYNES ch=2

                           m. Benjamin SMITH

                                    6Harry Haynes b. Sept 1801

                                       m. Lois MURDOCK

                                    6Hiram HAYNES b. 9 Sept 1804

                        5Salome Murdock b. 14 May 1780 d. 2 Nov 1859

                           m. Elijah DOUGLASS

                           m. Eliazur/Eleazor DOUGLASS ch=2

                           m. Chauncey ISHAM

                                    6John Douglass

                                    6Marinda Douglass

3 Sarah Dains, b. 8 Sept 1709 d. aft.1787

    m. Solomon ROOD (date) ch=???

3 Oxenbridge Dains, b. 3 Mar 1713 d.  

   m. Abigail DAINS (25 August 1735) #ch=8

4Thomas Dains b.22 Jan 1751 (twin of Abigail)

   m. Sybil JENNINGS ch= 3

                        5Lydia Dains b. 5 Nov 1778

                        5Mary Polly Dains b. 1786 m. Unknown NEFF

                                    5Abigail Dains b. 1801 m. John UNKNOWN

            4Abigail Dains b. 21 Jan1751 (twin of Thomas)

               m. Nathan DAINS (cousin, son of Samuel and Abigail Stanton Dains)

               also m. Lemuel DAINS (cousin, son of Samuel and Abigail Stanton Dains) 

4Zachariah “Zachri” DEAN b. 28 Sept 1738 d. 1820  (wife’s 2nd cousin)

m. Elizabeth LUDDINGTON (6/18/1760) #ch=11

5Elizabeth Dean b. 16 June 1761 d. 1855 (Eliz. d. Farmersville, NY)

  m. Nemiah PARISH  ch= ??? PARISH

                        5Lemuel Dain b. 23 Sept 1762 d. 21 Jan 1852 bur. Sherburne, Rutland Co, VT lemueldaingravestone.JPG

m. Abiah HARRIS (11 December 1784)

                           ch=6  Picture of  Lemuel's gravestone courtesy of Sandra Trapp. Family info by Sandra Trapp

                                    6Almira Dean

                                    6Anson Dean

                                    6James Dean

                                    6Mary Dean

                                    6Daniel Daine b. 1798 d. 18 Apr 1869 dandainegravestone.JPG  Photo and info by Sandra Trapp.

                                       m. Mary Ellen Hammer (1822) ch=9 see following hyperlink The Descendants of Daniel Daine 

                                                7Betsey Ann Dain b. 1 Oct 1822 NY d. 26 Oct 1905 WI

bur. Oak Hill Cem. Janesville, Rock Co., WI

                                                    m. Hubbard F. ROBINSON (1 June 1844 Rushford, Allegany, NY) ch=3

                                                                8Judson Legrand Robinson b. 17 May 1844 Pike, Wyoming, NY

                                                                8Cornelious Wayne Robinson b. 23 Nov 1847 NY

                                                                  m. Bella A. Unknown ch= 

                                                                8Frank E. Robinson b. 1863 NY d. bef. 1900

                                                7Sarah Ann Dain b. abt 1827

                                                7Almira L. Dain b. abt 1831 d. 25 May 1886 WI 

                                                     bur. Oak Hill Cem. Janesville, Rock Co., WI Block 47 Lot 1 Grave 6

                                                   m. Amon h. FAIRBANK (1850 NY) son of Joshua Fairbank and Lucy Dain ch= 3

                                                                8Coretta Bell Fairbank

                                                7Lorilla Dain b. 3 Feb. 1833 NY d. 2 Oct 1881 WI

                                                7Ada Dain b. abt. 1836 d. aft. 1880

                                                7Nancy Dain b. 1836 NY 

                                                7Mary Elizabeth Ellen b. July 1838 d. 31 Aug 1921, CA

                                                7William A. Dain b. March 1841 d. aft.1920

                                                7Flora A. Dain b. Nov. 1846 NY d. aft. 1920               

                                    6Nancy Dean

  m. Mary Abigail Upham WIGHT (11/1810) ch=4 DANE

             6Stephen Lyons DANE b. 30 June 1812 d. 1885

             6David Cleveland DANE b. 20 Feb 1815

             6Matthew Wight DANE (twin) b. 6 Nov 1818

             6Marshall Easterbrook DANE (twin) b. 6 Nov 1818 d. 6 Feb1867

                        5James LUDDINGTON b. 27 Feb 1764 d. 1854

                          m. Ruth ch=10 DEAN

                           also m. Sally Edgerton COPELAND

                                      6Ruth Dean

                                      6James Dean

                                      6Sally Dean

                                      6Amelia Dean

                                      6Elkhana Dean

                                      6Seth Ambrose Dean (SEE BELOW EBENEZER’S ABIGAIL)

                                                   7Ambrose Seth Dean

                                                                8Fred Otis Dean

                                                                                9John Otis  Dean b.

                                                                                9Fred Otis, Jr. Dean 

                                                                                9Leon Ambrose Dean

                                                                                9Robert William Dean

                                      6Harriet Dean

                                      6Juliana Dean

                                      6Addison Dean

                                      6Melindy Dean

                        5Wealthy Dean b. 26 Jan 1766 d. aft. 1802

                           m. Thomas GOWIN (date???) ch=1

                                    6Thomas Gowin

                        5Mercy Dean b. 13 Jan 1768 d. 1862???

                        5Silence “Sila” Dean

                        5Oxenbridge Dean

                          m. Mary HUMPHREY(15 December 1772)


                         ch= 3

                                    6Ira Dean

                                    6Ebenezer Dean

                                    6Margaret Dean

                        5Amanda “Mina” Dean

                           m. Tim GOWIN ch=1

                                    6Tim Gowin

                        5Abigail Dean b. 1777

                        5Zebulon Dean b. 1779 d. 6 April 1856

                          m. Lura HUNTINGTON (date???) ch=11 ch=11

                                    6Rodman Dean b. 10/8/1803 d. 1893

                                    6Timothy Dean b. 1804

                                       m. Mary SLEEPER

                                    6Wyman Dean b. 5/29/1805

                                       m. Alvira ADAMS ch=5

                                               7Hiram Dean b.19 Oct 1829 d.1908

                                                     m.Lizzie ATWOOD JACKSON ch=2

                                                     also m.Esther ATWOOD BRYANT

                                                               8Joseph H. Dean

                                                                 m. Bertha GILLETTE

                                                              8James E. Dean

                                                  7Harry Dean

                                                     m. Elizabeth ABBOTT

                                                  7Oscar Dean

                                                      m. Sarah ATTWOOD

                                                  7Infant Son Dean

                                                  7Emeline Dean

                                                     m. Frank DAVIS

                                    6Joel Dean b. 22 July 1806

                                    6Whitman Dean b. 20 April 1807

                                    6Elkhana Dean b. 9October1808

                                    6John Dean b. 1809

                                    6Harry Dean b. 28 May1810

                                    6Rebecca Dean b. 21 June 1812

                                    6Abigail Dean b. 18 Sept 1816

                                    6Phila Dean b. 29 July 1821

                        5David Dean b. 1773  Windham CT d.1845

                           m. Mary O. Polly MILLET ch=8

                                    6Leonard Stephen Dean b. 1799 d. 1800

                                    6David Jr. Dean

                                       m. Melinda BECKWITH ch=5

   also m. Sarah SHEPPARD ch=3

                                                7Ira Dean

                                                7Alvah Lude Dean

                                                7Pheobe Maria Dean

                                                7William Oliver Dean

                                                7Maria Dean

                                                7Mary Jane Dean

                                                7John M. Dean

                                                7Infant Dean

            4Abigail Daynes born 10 August1737 d. 11 November 1737

            4Ephraim Dains b. 12 June 1740

               m. Percella BROWN (11/20/1798) #ch=1

                         5Thomas Jefferson Dains  b.1800 

            4Samuel Dains b. 21 July 1744 d. 1784 Brooklyn CT

               m. Abigail  STANTON (1774) #ch= 5

                        5Nathan Dains (1st cousin of Lemuel  Dains)

                          m. Mary Abigail Upham WIGHT (1st cousin’s widow)

                                      6Elias Keyes Dains b. 1802 d. Hebron Thayer, NE

                                          m.Mary Polly MARTIN (2/19/1824) ch=2

                                                   7Elias Royal Dains b.22 June 1828 

                                                      m. UNKNOWN ch=6

                                                               8Charles H. Dains b.9 November 1854 d.27 April 1921

                                                                 m. Katherine MALONEY ch=4

                                                                          9John Henry Dains b.31 September 1881 d.?

                                                                             m. Bertha Pearl PLATT (9/26/1907)


                                                                                         10Minta Fern Dains

                                                                                         10Charles Enoch Dains

                                                                                         10John Curtis Dains

                                                                                         10Roy Joe Dains

                                                                                         10Virgil Woodrow Dains

                                                                          9Dehlia Dains b.6/11/1886 d.4/17/1906

                                                                          9Richard Cornelious Dains b.31 October 1890

                                                                            d.21 July 1949

                                                                             m. Inez HORNBAKER (11/14/1912)


                                                                                         10Mary Katherine Dains

                                                                                              m. Nicholas

                                                                                          10Richard Earl Dains

                                                                                               d. 4 April 1982 m? ch=?

                                                                          9Helen Margaret Dains b.8/31/1899 d.9/1/1969

                                                               8Olin Allen Dains b.13 Jan 1862 KZOO d.5 December 1938 CA

                                                                  m. Josephine BECKLEY (6/24/1888) ch=16

                                                                          9Fredrick Royal Dains b.17 May 1899 d.13 September 1973

                                                                              m. Verna STEWART

                                                                              also m. Clara Belle GOIT

                                                                          9Frances Margaret Dains b. 18 March 1891 d. 27 August 1946 

                                                                             m. Fredreick TRITTEN

                                                                          9Grace Mae Dains  b. 6 March 1893 d.5 November 1996 m.?

                                                                          9Mollie Amelia Dains b. 15 March 1895 d. 19 April 1973


                                                                          9Clarence Dains b. 28 December 1897 d. 1904 m.?

                                                                          9Clyde Vernon Dains b.10 October 1899 d. ?

                                                                             m. Carrie Nell GOIT

                                                                          9Ernest Leonard Dains b. 7 December 1900 d.20 January 1975

                                                                             m. Norma Vivian MILLER

                                                                          9Elias Royal Dains b. June 1902 d. ? m.?

                                                                          9Mary Elizabeth Dains b. 25 December 1903 d. ?

                                                                             m. Irvine Bejamin MADDOX

                                                                          9Olin Daniel Dains b. 25 December 1905 d.8 April 1965

                                                                             m.Ethel Valera (6/7/1927)


                                                                                        10Aliene Dains (twin) b.d. 7/5/1928

                                                                                        10Allen Dains (twin) b.d. 7/5/1928

                                                                                        10Donna Jean Dains

                                                                                        10Betty Ann Dains

                                                                                        10Frances Lee Dains

                                                                                        10Olin Bradley Dains

                                                                          9Harry Stephan Decator Dains b. 18 November 1907

                                                                            d. 27 December 1919

                                                                          9Josephine Margaret Dains b. 18 March 1909 d?

                                                                             m. Kenneth DECKER (5/28/1932)

                                                                            m. Walter Anthony STYKELEATHER

                                                                          9Julia Edna Margaret  Dains b. 8 November 1912 d?

                                                                            m. Walter Anthony STYKELEATHER

                                                                          9Warren Gilbert Dains b. 27 October 1914 d. 1936

                                                                            m.Imogene ch=1

                                                                                         10Gilbert Allen Dain

                                                                          9Effie May Dains b.6 August 1916 d. 22 December 1974

                                                                             m.Gerald William STOETZEL(1938)

                                                                          9 Hattie Martha Dains b. September 1918 d. September 1918

                                                               8Francis Elmina Dains

                                                               8Carrie Fidelia Dains

                                                               8Emery Albertus Dains b. 10/24/1876 d. 8/31/1935

                                                                 m.Lydia Edna MURPHY ch=2

                                                                 also m. Nettie Francis PAXTON ch=0

                                                                           9Cecil Vincent Dainsb.1/7/1899 d.1/5/1980

                                                                              m. Laura Frances (10/5/1920)


                                                                                         10Virgina Grace Dains

                                                                                         10Claude Wesley Dains

                                                                                         10Donald Arthur Dains

                                                                                         10Willis Leander Dains

                                                                                         10Nellie Alvera Dains

                                                                                         10Ruth Ellen Dains

                                                                                         10Emery Albertus Dains b.9 August 1921

                                                                                             d. 29 October 1931

                                                                                         10Cecil Theodore Dains b.13 June 1926

                                                                                              d.28 July 1934

                                                                           9Violet Mae Dains b.23 July 1903 d.28 April 1987

                                                               8Edward Lee Dains b. April 1881 d.1909

                                                                 m. Louisa Lee ENNIS ch=4

                                                                           9Rose A. Dains b.1900

                                                                           9Thelma Dains m. Perry RINGER

                                                                           9Gladys Dains b.12 August 1901 d.12 February 1968

                                                                           9Lawrence Olin Dains b.10 October 1903 d.16 February 1967

                                                                            m.Velma Mae SMOTHERMAN ch=5

                                                                                           10Edward Williams Dains b.? d.?


                                                                                            10Floyd Lawrence Dains

                                                                                            10Gladys Ivone Dains


                                                                                            10Cecil Leola Dains

                                                                                            10Irvin Miles Dains b.18 August 1928


                                                   7Frances Dains b.1840 d.? m.? 

                                      6George Miller Dains b.1/5/1803 d.4/20/1985

                                         m. Cynthia Martin DALY (9/24/1823) ch=4

                                          also m. Laura CLARK (1/5/1852) ch=0

                                                   7Lucy C. Dains b.1824 d.1840

                                                   7Mary Ann Dains b.1826 d.1872

                                                   7George Gamaliel, Dains Rev. b. 1 May 1828 d.3 August 1884

                                                   7Martha Jane Dains b.1 November 1831 d.4 May 1868

                                      6Henry Spaulding Dains, Rev.  b.8 November 1805 d. 1 January 1888

                                         m. Hannah STAFFORD (7/26/1825) ch=1

                                         also m. Sylvia WHITCOMB (5/29/1829)

                                         also m. Sarah WELTY (9/25/1843) ch=3

                                                   7Almina Hannah Dains b.8 February 1828 d.14 May 1899

                                                      m. JOHNSON ch= ??????

                                                                    8 Sarah Ann Johnson b.2/25/1862 d.5/25/1938

                                                                      m. Eleazar Bales MILLIKAN ch=2      

                                                                               9Leroy Hubert Millikan b.17 June1880

                                                                                 m. Mabel WARNER 11 September 1912 ch=1

                                                                                         10Margaret MILLIKAN (1918)

                                                                               9Ethel Mary Millikan b.24 April 1884

                                                                                 m. James A. TAYLOR (7/15/1947)

                                                   7Dwight H. Dains b.24 December1848 d.bef.1880

                                                   7Anna Rebecca Dains b.25 July1850 d.28 October1901

                                                   7Joseph Benson Dains b.24 September 1852 d.1912

                                      6Charles Chandler Dains b.20 February1807

                        5Samuel Dains

                        5Daniel Dains

                        5Experience Dains

                        5Chloe Dains m. John WILSON

            4Oxenbridge Dains b. 6 April 1746/7 

               m. MARY HUMPHREY ??? ch=3

                         5Ira Dains b. 1774

                         5Ebenezer Dains b.1780

                         5Margaret Dains b.Unknown

            4Nathan Dains b. 3 January 1748/9

               m. Lucy SHARP (11/11/1774) ch= 1

                        5Willard Dains b. 10/19/1775 d. 1842-1848

3 Henry Dains, b. 1/28/1720  d. 8 or 9/1796 **moved to Tinmouth, VT 

   m. Margaret BATES (4/18/1744) ch=8 (all children Quakers except Ephraim) DAINS FAMILY 

            4James DAINS b. d. m. Sarah UNKNOWN

            4Isaac DAINS b. 21 March 1756 d.?

            4David DAINS b. 25 January 1759 d. 31 August 1845

                m. Phebe ROOT ch=2

                        5Pamela DAINS b. 1789/90

                            m. Eli BAXTER (31 December 1839)

                        5Caleb DAINS b.1790+ d.

                            m. Catherine CONGDON (1 March 1831)

            4Henry C. DAINS b. 5/19/1746 d. 1852

               m. Zilpha COGSWELL (6/15/1796)

                         5Alba DAINS  b. 1797

                         5Ira DAINS  b. 1789

                            m. Mary WHALING

                             also m. Almira PAYNE ch=3

                                      6Aurelia  DAINS b. ? d.? in childbirth

                                         m. Unknown FROST

                                      6Julia DAINS

                                      6Joel DAINS

                         5Wilson Dains b. 1801 d. 3/1/1818

                         5Emeline DAINS b. 1803

                         5Henry C DAINS b. 1813

         ***1790 Census = NY/ moved to PENN YAN after REV.

            4Johnathon  DAINS b. 2 May 1745 d. 17 August 1825  **moved to Yates Co., NY from CT in 1788

              d. m. Eunice LEE ch=6

                        5Margaret DAINS                           

                          m. John WESTON

                        5Frances DAINS

                        5Lavinia DAINS

                        5Stephen  DAINS b. 1776 11/1856 in Holly, MI 

                          m. Polly REIMER (1803) ch=1

                           also m. Rachel FITZWATER (1810) ch=112

                                    6Eliza Reimer DAINS  b. 1803

                                       m. John, Jr. ANTON

                                    6Mary B.  DAINS b. 1812 d. 1836 Holly, MI

                                    6George Nelson DAINS  b. 1814 d. 1898 

                                       ** returned to Yates Co. NY in 1839 and remained there

                                       m. Sarah Ann STRYKER FLETCHER

                                        also m. Corinthia WHEAT

                                        also m. Mary HOPKINS (Elizabeth’s sister)

                                        also m. Elizabeth “Betsy” HOPKINS (Mary’s sister)

                                                7George Norton DAINS  b.26 June1844 d. 24 March 1905

                                                   m. Louisa FORBES (11/16/1864) ch=5

                                                              8Mary Jane Dains

                                                              8Archibald Nelson Dains b.14 Feb 1866 d.2 June1934

                                                                 m.Clara FINGER ch=2

                                                                              9Arthur Dains b.1889 d.1897

                                                                              9Ralph Dains

                                                              8Richard Clarence Dains b. 17 May 1869 d.23 August1943

                                                                m. Carrie Belle SLOAT ch=10

                                                                                9Eunice Montrae b.15 Oct 1889

                                                                                  d.29 July 1976

                                                                                9Jennie Arlene b.15 Feb 1893

                                                                                9Milford Nelson b.6 June1894

                                                                                   d. 21 April 1961

                                                                                9Barbara Louise b.1896 d.19 April 1920

                                                                                9Mary Lucille b11 Nov 1898 d.18 June1967

                                                                                9George R. b.8 April 1903 d.9 May 1974

                                                                                9John Munroe b.19 Oct 1904

                                                                                  d.22 Nov 1988

                                                                                   m. Inez Louisa COOK (11/25/1931)         


                                                                                9James Perry b.3 May 1906 d.2 June 1979

                                                                                9Josephine C. b.2 Sept 1909 d.26 Sept 1982

                                                                                9Marjorie Ruth b.17 Mar 1911

                                                                                   d. 18 June 1935

                                                              8Frank Edward Dains b.7 March 1879 d.1961

                                                                m. Anna Belle CLARKSTON BARNES ch=5

                                                                               9Jennie Barnes Dains b.1903

                                                                               9Forrest  Dains b.1908 d.1951

                                                                                 m.Arthur FRAREY

                                                                               9Margaret  Dains b.1910

                                                                               9Mable Dains b.1912

                                                                               9George Dains b.1912 d.1972

                                                              8Louisa A.Dains  b.5 Nov 1881 d.23 Oct 1914

                                    6Catherine DAINS  b.1815 d. 10 Oct 1906 Lapeer, MI

                                       m. Jackson McHENRY

                                    6John Augustus DAINS b. ? d.? m. Eliza Gould ch=1

                                                7Arthur Augustus DEAN b.? d? moved to Oregon

                                                  m. Sarah Electa COVERT

                                    6Anne DAINS  b. 1818 d. 1843 Holly, MI

                                    6Eliza Laura DAINS  b. 26 June 1822 d. 16 May 1908 Holly MI

                                       m. Peter FAGAN (11/20/1838) ch=14 FAGAN

                                    6Betsey E. DAINS  b. 1824 d. Oct 1840

                                    6Sabra DAINS  2 Sept 1826 d. 5 June 1917 Flint, MI

                                       m. David HANDY (1862) ch=

                                    6Lucretia O.  DAINS b. 1829 d. 26 April 1865

                                    6Lavina DAINS  b. abt.1831 d. MI

                                    6Son  DAINS b. 1836

                         5Johnathon DAINS  Jr. b. 1778 d. 1828

                           m. Nancy McGRAW (1808) ch=8

                                   6John  DAINS b. 1811 d. 16 Nov 1890

                                       m. Catherine SAUNDERS (1/2/1842) ch=4

                                                7Franklin  DAINS b.6 Dec 1842 d.28 Dec 1928 (was in Andersonville)

                                                   m. Alice READ ch=0

                                                7Perry William DAINS  b.1844 d.1906

                                                  148th Reg NY Vol Sheriff, Yates Co, NY 1889-91

                                                   m. Ann J. BEUL ch=2

                                                             8Roy B. Dains b. 1885 d.14 Dec 1947

                                                                m. Bessie F. CHAPMAN (11/29/1911)

                                                             8Margaret Dains

                                                                m. Vernon MOORE

                                                7Catherine Isabelle  DAINS  b.1847 d. 4 May 1904

                                                   m. George SCOFFIELD ch=2

                                                              8Elmer Scoffield

                                                              8Frank Scoffield, US Navy 1930-39

                                                7Charles Beman  DAINS d.1848 d. young

                                   6Jesse DAINS  b. 1808 d.  bef.1866

                                      m. Chloe STARK (1/26/1841) ch=2

                                                7Michloe DAINS  b.1841

                                                7Julia DAINS

                                   6Francis DAINS  b. 10 Jan 1815 d. 7 May 1894

                                       m. Mary Jane LEWIS (6/2/1844 ) ch=3

                                                7Henry Clay Dains, Maj. U.S. Artillery, West Point

                                                  m. Elizabeth MILLER (6/8/1870)

                                                7Libby Dains b.4 Jan 1848 d.6 May 1873

                                                   m. Francis GIFFORD

                                                7Lewis Dains b.11 Aug 1851 d. 28 Sept 1852

                                   6Orilla DAINS  b.1817 d. aft.1866

                                       m. Josephus BARRETT ch=7 

                                                7George Barrett b.1845 d.1864 Andersonville Prison, GA

                                                   22nd NY Cavalry captured @ Wilderness, VA

                                                7Amanda Barrett

                                                7Elizabeth Barrett

                                                7Emily Barrett

                                                7Mary Jane Barrett

                                                7Melvina Barrett

                                                7Palmer Barrett

                                   6Cyrus  DAINS b. 1819 d. 1870

                                       m. Jane STOUT ch=1

                                                7Margaret Dains b.1844

                                                   m. James GARDNER

                                   6Perry DAINS  b. 1821 d. 11 May 1904

                                       m. Ann Eliza SHERATT ch= 1

                                                7Ida DAINS  b.1856 d.1862

                                   6Richard  DAINS b.26 Aug 1823 d.20 Sept 1896

                                      m. Sarah G. TUCKER ch=1

                                                7Nancy A. DAINS  b.1845 d.1862 (age 17years 2 mos 18 days)

                                   6Ezra DAINS b. 1826 Moved to MI after 1855

                        5Mary DAINS 

                        m. Ephraim KINNEY

            4Castle DAINS  b. 1749 d. 12 Dec 1842 *** moved to Yates Co, NY from CT in 1788

               m. Joanna BARNUM ch=5

                        5Saloman (Loloman) DAINS  b. 26 Dec 1779 seized by Man of War

                        5Elizabeth (Betsy) Dains b. 31 Dec 1780 d. 1817

                           m. Benjamin DURHAM (1798) ch=9

                                  6Ann Durham

                                  6Rebecca Durham

                                  6George Durham

                                  6John Durham

                                  6James Durham

                                  6Joanna Durham

                                  6Albert Durham

                                  6Elizabeth Durham

                                  6Abel Durham

                        5Abel  DAINS b.1787 d. bef. 1823

                           m. Clarissa BOULONGEE (1817) ch=5

                                 6Abel  DAINS b. 1817

                                 6Joseph N. DAINS  b. 1819

                                 6John DAINES b. 16 Oct 1817 Canandiagua, NY d. 5/16/1873 Birmingham, MI


                                       m. Alice Ann WATKINS (10/21/1844) ch=5 Hagermans in Birmingham MI

                                                 7Florence Amelia DAINES b. 1845

                                                    m. Unknown RILEY

                                                     also m. James O. BEETLIS

                                                 7Rosetta Adelaide DAINES b.16 Feb 1848

                                                     m. Francis HAGERMAN (18 July 1870)

                                                        8Alice Hagerman m. Thomas THURBER ch=5

                                                        8Gertrude Hagerman

                                                 7George Edward “Ned” DAINES b.10/3/1850

                                                      m. Harriet HOFMAN

                                                 7Mary Alice “Minnie” DAINES b.1852

                                                       m. Herman CASTLE

                                                        also m. Unknown LEE

                                                 7Addie Lillian DAINES b.1860

                                                         m.Elmore S. BROWN

                                 6Joel DAINS b. 1821

                                    m. Sarah Unknown ch=1

                                             7Daniel W. Dains b. 1839

                                 6Daniel DAINS  b. 1823 believed to be the person who died aged 50,


                        5Saloma  DAINS b. 2/13/1790 d. 3/20/1784

                           m. William Henry TORRENCE(6/18/1809) ch=7

                                  6 Sylvester Torrence

                                  6William Barnum Torrence

                                  6Solomon D Torrence

                                  6 John P Torrence

                                  6Laura Torrence

                                  6 Austin Torrence 

                                  6Marcus Lafayette Torrence

                         5Simeon DAINS  b. 1792 d. 5/21/1871

                            m. Catherine “Kitty” BOULONGEE (1/7/1815) ch=8

                                 6Fredrick B. DAINS  b. 1818 d. 1866 Flint MI

                                     m. Catherine DAINS ch=1

                                     also m. Anne E. DAINS ch=2

                                                7Helen Dains b. 1848

                                                7Edwin W. Dains b. 1845 d.6/1/1847

                                                7Waldo F. Dains b. 1/1846 d. 6/1847

                                 6Arnold DAINS  b. 1822 d. 1866

                                    m. Emily R. DAINS (9/26/1850) ch=???

                                 6Nelson A. DAINS  b. 1824 d. 1875

                                    m. Rebecca TORRANCE ch=3

                                                7Lavonia Dains b.1842 d.1845

                                                7Elizabeth Dains b.1845 d.1860

                                                7Emery Daynes b.1850 d.1902 1st NY Light Artillery (Civil War)

                                                  m. Elsie DAINS ch=4

                                                            8 May Daynes

                                                            8Bonney Daynes

                                                            8Horton Daynes

                                                            8Henry Daynes

                                 6Eliza A.DAINS  b. 1827 d. 7/18/1908

                                    m. Chester LAMB (1847) ch=1

                                     m. Jacob PARISH (9/25/1855)ch=1

                                             7Sarah b.1852

                                             7Fremont b.11/2/1856 d.1/2/1872, drowned

                                 6Almon DAINS  b. 1833 d. Ohio

                                 6James H. DAINS b. 1835 d. 1848, drowned at age 13

                                 6Elvin DAINS  b. 1838

                                 6Eben H.  DAINS b. 1840 d. 3/28/1863, typhoid fever, military hosp.   

            4Abigail  DAINS b. 1750 d. 1842

               m. Samuel BARNES Sr. (1769) ch=5

                         5Parmalee BARNES  b.1767

                         5Elizur BARNES  b. 1769

                         5Julius BARNES  b. 1770 d. 7/23/1831

                           m. Katurah (Catherine) KEYSER ch= ???

                         5Henry BARNES  b. 1789 CT d. 7 June 1874, aged 85.

   Last survivor of the Society of Public Universal Friends

                            m. Sarah Whiting and 2nd widow Elizabeth Mills

                         5Samuel  BARNES b. 1774


                                6Rosetta Barnes

                                    m. Andrew FINGER

             4Ephraim DAINS  b. 7/4/1752 d.7/7/1836 **moved to Michigan ephraim dains rev war gravestone

                m. Irene STEDMAN ch=8

                          5Henry Benjamin  DAINS b. 11/25/1791 m. UNKNOWN ch=4 born NY moved to CA

                                Note: Henry was a wagon maker, wheelwright, cabinet maker, undertaker, postmaster,

                                book seller, organ and piano dealer.  

                                  6Charles Dains b.7/27/1821 d.9/10/1892

                                       m. Meconda C. STERLING ch=2

                                        also m. Julia LEWETT ch=0

                                                7Anna Scott Dains b.11/8/1849 Van Buren Twsp, Wayne Cty,MI

                                                  d.4/16/1916 Belleville, MI

                                                   m. Artemis WARD (10/6/1867) ch=5 WARD

                                                7William Dains b.1854

                                    6Almira Dains b. 1815 d. 1897 m.? ch=???

                                    6Sabria Dains b.1824 d. 1897 m. Unknown JOHNSON ch=?

                                    6Henry Montgomery Dains b. 1828 d. 1900;

                                       m. Julia Susan STEVENS (11/21/1849) Canton, Wayne Cty, MI


                          5Ira DAINS  Ira Dains Kent Co., MI   See also:  IN  SEARCH OF

                          5Orpha DAINS  b. 5/16/1796 d. 4/16/1890

                             m. (29 April 1890) Thomas LOGAN (bur. Pioneer Cem. Redford Wayne Cty MI) ch=6

                                  6Jane Logan b. ? d.? m. Unknown CLOUGH

                                  6Lydia Ann Logan

                                      m. Edwin COOLEY Redford, Wayne Cty, MI ch=2 COOLEY

                                                7William Thomas Cooley Co. M 1st MI E. &M.

                                                7Orpha Cooley b.1841 d.4/22/1855 

                                                    bur. Pioneer Cem. Redford,MI orpha cooley gravestone

                                  6Mary Sabrina Logan b. 1812

                                  6Charlotte Logan b. 1826 d. 1/7/1911 charlotte logan hutchinson gravestone

                                     m.Joseph ATWELL 8th MI Cav. Co.H ch=7 

joseph atwell gravestone Descendants of JOSEPH ATWELL

                                      also m. John C. HUTCHINSON

                                               7Robert b.1842 Redford, MI d.  23 October1844, 1 yr 7 mo.

Burial: Pioneer Cemetery, Redford, Mi

                                                    More About Robert E. Atwell: Cemetery gives his name as Rupert H Atwell

                                               7Sabria b Feb1858 d. 28 March1858 Redford, MI

                                               7Catherine Atwell b. 1846, Wayne Co, Mi; d. Bet. 1920 - 1930.
                                               7Nelson E Atwell b.  25 January1847, Rockford, Mi; d.16 February 1912

                                                  Portland Cmtry Portland Mi.
                                               7Sarah Elizabeth Atwell, b. 1849.
                                               7Elizabeth Atwell b. 1850.
                                               7Orpha E. Atwell, b. 1852 d. 1939

                                                   m. JOHN SCARROW b. Abt. 1852.

                                  6Katherine Logan b. 1828

                                     m. John FRALICH

                                  6Sabria Marcella Logan b. 2 December 1833 in NY d. 11 March 1905, aged 71 years (info from Kim Scarborough)

                                     m. James DUNNING (1 January 1856) ch=1

                                              7Clara L. Dunning b. 11 May 1859 d. 22 February 1929

                                                m. Marshall A. SMITH (1 November 1877) ch=2

                                                                8Perry Marshall Smith b. 28 February d. 25 September 1964; Township clerk

                                                                   m. Alice Coleman Grace ch=5

                                                                        9Mary Elizabeth Smith b.18 April 911 d. 14 July 2000

                                                                            bur. Mountain View Memorial Gardens, Mesa, AZ

                                                                            m. Everett Earl Scarborough (25 April 1929) ch=4

                                                                                     10Living Scarborough m. Unknown

                                                                                     10Joyce Ann Scarborough b. 4 May 1934 d. 27 April 2004, Mesa AZ

                                                                                         m. William McKee

                                                                                     10Living Scarborough m. Unknown

                                                                                     10Richard Scarborough b. 8 May 1943 d. 20 May 2004, Black River, Alcona County, MI

                                                                                         m. Living Unknown

                                                                        9Perry Marshall Smith b. 1 November 1922 d. 13 November 1922

                                                                            bur. Grand Lawn Cem. Redford Twshp., MI

                                                                        9Marshall Smith b. 26 July 1917 d. 2 May 1918, of peritonitis

                                                                            bur. Grand Lawn Cemetary, Redford Township, MI

                                                                        9Wallace Marshall Smith b. 5 November 1912 d. m. ch= 3

                                                                                    10Living Smith

                                                                                    10Living Smith

                                                                                    10Living Smith

                                                                        9Alice Coleman Smith b. 5 March 1915 d.

                                                                           m.Arnold C. Jorgensen (23 October 1935) ch= 3

                                                                                    10Living Jorgensen 

                                                                                    10Living Jorgensen

                                                                                    10Living Jorgensen                                                         

                                                                8Verna Smith b. 19 June 1881

                          5Samuel B. DAINS 2 March 1799 born in Penn Yann, NY d. 11 May 1875 Redford MI

                            m. Sabrina WALLACE ch=9

                                  6 William Henry Harrison DAINS  b. 14 Dec 1825

                                      m. Mary E. WEST ch=4

                                              7Ada Dains b.? d.?

                                                 m. Samuel Ellis WALLACE

                                             7Eva Dains m. Unknown ROBINSON

                                             7Inez Dains m. Unknown KINCAID

                                             7Dan Demott Dains b.3/3/1850 d.4/1850

                                6Daniel Stedman  DAINS b. 10/26/1827

                                     m. Mary Elizabeth Vermette (9/12/1852

                                6Elizabeth Sophronia DAINS  b. 5/3/1829 d. 3/6/1910 Redford MI

                                   m. Andrew LaFLEUR (1/21/1849) ch=2

                                    also m. George L. BATES (11/30/1858) ch=1

                                                 7Sarah Jane b.9/12/1850 d.4/8/1853

                                                 7Aurrilla Acenath b.11/16/1852 d.1/1/1898

                                                 7Effie Jessie BATES b.8/13/1859 Ypsilanti, MI

                                                   m. Edward John GORDON ch=1

                                                         8Arthur Edward Gordon


                                 6Matilda Irena  DAINS b. 19 Oct 1831 d.1913

                                   m. Joseph TIFFIN (1/27/1852) ch=3

                                                7Nellie E.Tiffin b. 1866, MI 

                                                   m. John Malcolm BLUE (9 Nov) 1881ch=3

                                                    also m. Delos B. DIBBLE ch=0

                                                               8John (Jack M.) Morgan Blue b. 15 Nov 1885 d. 20 Mar 1943

                                                                  m. Annie Eleanor Albers (9 Sept 1909) ch=?

                                                               8Donald Blue b. 1887 d. NY city 

                                                                  m. Florence Dirks ch=0

                                                               8Irene Matilda Blue b.  1891 m. Frank Keough (1906) ch=1


                                6Nancy Mulvenia DAINS  b. 10/1/1833 d. 5/17 1923

                                    m.William PALMER (9/30/1852) ch=5

                                6Sarah Jane DAINS b. 2/10/1837 d. 2/7/1839

                                6Margaret Cyrena DAINS   b. 10/31/1839

                                     m.James Albert HOYT ch=3

                                6Sarah Lovenia DAINS b. 7/21/1842 d. 2/11/1917

                                     m.James HEYWOOD (4/27/1862), d. 10/11/1864, Andersonville


                                      m. Luke HOSTETTER (3/8/1866) ch=4

                                6Lucy Lucinda DAINS  b. 3/10/1849 d. 11/19/1905

                                      m. Thomas COOLEY (10/26/1866) ch=1

                          5Irene DAINS

                          5Margaret DAINS b. 8/6/1805 d. 11/12/1864

                              m. Lyman CANFIELD ch=2

                                 6Ephraim Dains Canfield b. 1826 d.5/25/1866 

                                 6George H. Canfield b. 1843 d.2/7/1865 Co.I 24th Mich Inf, d. Hatchers Run

                          5Ephraim DAINS b. 4/6/1808 d. 3/14/1889 ephraim dains gravestone

                              m. Fannie McGRAW (1/11/1832) ch= 1

                               also m. Abigail BLAKELY(7/27/1841) ch=12 Abigail Dains Gravestone Redford Pioneer Cemetery

                                 6Margaret DAINS  b. 10/27/1834 d. 11/7/1834

                                 6Ann E. DAINS

                                    m. Fred LONG ch=1       

                                 6Edwin P. DAINS

                                 6Hawley DAINS

                                 6Ira  DAINS

                                 6Lucy DAINS

                                    m. Oscar CHAPMAN ch=1

                                 6Amanda Malvina DAINS   b. 1832

                                 6Samuel Washington  DAINS b. 1836 d. 12/4/1899

                                     m. Huldah GILLETTE ch=4

                                                   7Charles O. Dains b.4.10/1858 d. 12/4/1899, Ingham Twshp.

                                                      Bur. Roselawn Cem. Perry, MI

                                                       m. Belle PICAKRD ch=1

                                                       also m. Adella M. SHARP BROOKS ch=0

                                                                8Lone E. Dainsb.2/15/1885 Ingham Co. Mi

                                                                  d.10/29/1928 Lansing, MI

                                                   7Vida Amanda Dains b.5/10/1860 d.7/19/1946, Ogemaw Co

                                                   7Watson E. Dains b. 7/4/1865 d.12/31/1866  Ingaham Co.

                                                   7William Fredrick Dains b.3/16/1868 d. 4/19/1931 Kalamazoo

                                 6Judson C. DAINS  b. 1838

                                 6William T.DAINS   b. 1840

                                     ch= 1

                                                    7Fred W. Dains

                                 6Josephine DAINS  b. 5/30/1842 d. 10/1/1863

                                     m. B.J. PERRIN, Rev. (ch=1)

                                 6Vida Florentia DAINS  b. 3/5/1848 d. 9/12/1850

                                 6Ida M.J.DAINS  b. 11/7/1856 

                                    d. 8/24/1878 bur. Redford Pioneer Cem. MI  ida mj dains gravestone

                          5Catherine DAINS

                 4Jessie DAINS  b. 3/21/1756 d. 6/20/1833 **moved to Yates Co., NY from CT in 1788

                    m. Chloe THOMPSON (5/20/1780) ch=5

                          5Jesse DAINS   Jr. b. 9/20/1783 d. 12/17/1820

                             m. Mary YOUNGS (1805) ch=7

                                 6Avery  DAINS b. 12/2/1807 d. 5/17/1881

                                 6Josephus DAINS  b. 5/28/1809 d. 9/24/1840

                                 6George Y. DAINS  b. 1810 d. 6/28/1899

                                    m. Eliza HEADLY YOUNG ch=4

                                                  7Harriet E. Dains

                                                      m. James PENNEY

                                                  7Mary Dains

                                                       m.John WASHBURN

                                                  7Stephen C. Dains b.4/27/1847 d. 5/22/1922

                                                  7Theron S. Dains b.6/25/1851 d.1/31/1937

                                 6Nancy DAINS  b. 1814 d. 1859

                                    m. Alexander HODGE

                                 6Aaron DAINS  b. 1818 d. 1892

                                    m. Achsah SUPPLEE ch=3

                                                  7Sabelia Dains b. 1858 d. 1859

                                                  7George M. Dains b.1850 d.? during Civil War, age 19

                                                  7Nelson S.Dains b.7/18/1847 d.12/20/1918

                                                    m. Susan THAYER ch=2

                                                          8Harry D.Dains b.1/23/1880 d. 5/3/1946

                                                             m. Gladys Traver (8/2/1911)

                                                          8R.Maude Dains b.1875

                                                             m. Christopher WILLIS (7/1/1908)

                                 6Fanny DAINS  b. 6/11/1821 d. 6/28/1851

                                 6Mary DAINS b. 1816

                                    m. Stephen Henry CLEVELAND (son of Stephen & Mary) ch=7

                          5David DAINS b. 1789 d. 1836

                            m. Sarah REMER ((1805) ch=11

                                 6Mahala DAINS

                                     m. Silas RIDER

                                 6Sara Jane DAINS b. Jerusalem, Yates Co NY

                                    m. Andrew HEWITT

                                 6Thompson DAINS d. New Jersey

                                    m. Susan PETERS

                                 6Rebecca DAINS b. 1808 d. 5/9/1895

                                    m. Arnold RAPLEE (son of Ezra &Orilla) ch=5

                                6Volney DAINS b. 11/30/1813 d.  11/30/18131

                                6Abram R. DAINS b. 7/9/1815 d. 6/22/1883

                                   m. Matilda TAYLOR ch=4




                                                 7Louise A. b. 3/27/1854

                                                    m. F. DUNNING ch=1

                                6Richmond R. DAINS b. 1816 d. bef. 1900

                                   m. Mary BURTCH (1841) ch=4

                                                 7Antoinette Dains

                                                 7Elizabeth Clara (Clarissa) Dains d. 10/15/1941

                                                 7Francis A. Dains b.7/3/1836 d.11/30/1921

                                                 7F. Clark Dains b.1863 d.1/19/1919

                                                    m. Emily E. UNKNOWN ch=1

                                                            8George Richmond Dains  b.1898 d.6/12/1919

                                                               m. Elizabeth Agnes ALLISON (9/1/1917)

                                6Phoebe DAINS  b. 1818 d. ???

                                   m. William MARINER

                                6Bryant DAINS b.1820 d. Civil War service

                                6Chloe DAINS b.1822

                                   m. Myron DURHAM

                                6Esther  DAINS  b. 1/21/1825 d. 7/19/1851

                          5Orilla (Amarillio)  DAINS  b. 1787 d. 1877

                             m. Ezra RAPLEE ch=6

                                6Jesse RAPLEE

                                6Jeremiah RAPLEE

                                6Almyra  RAPLEE

                                6Orimilla RAPLEE

                                6Arnold RAPLEE b.1808

                                   m. Rebecca DAINS ch=5

                                6Delanson RAPALEE

                          5Theresa DAINS   b. 1789 d. young

                          5Eli E. DAINS   b. 1791

                            m. ???? ch=4

                                6Daniel Willis DAINS   b. 1820 (twin) bur Arlington Nat. Cem #214

                                  m. Nancy BETTS (1/8/1844)  ch=7

                                                7Eugenia M  DAINS  b.10/21/1848 d. bef.1864

                                                7Electra Ann DAINS  b.4/9/1851 d.5/4/1867

                                                7Daniel W., Jr.  DAINS b. 5/18/1853 d.9/5/1917

                                                   m.Catherine Augusta SWARTHOUT (3/5/1879) ch=1

                                                          8Virginia C. DAINS  b.?? d??

                                                             m. Beaver H. ROLLINS (1/23/1913)

                                                7Cornelius Allington DAINS   b.8/1/1856 d.7/18/1928

                                                  m. Belle V. ALDEN (1886) ch=2

                                                           8Clement Alden DAINS  b.4/9/1887 d.1956

                                                              m.Alice PERKINS (1/1/1909) ch=2

                                                                        9Harold Clement  DAINS b.?

                                                                        9Walter Allington DAINS

                                                           8Harrison Marshall DAINS  b.1891

                                                              m.Gladys TRAVIS (8/1911) ch=???

                                                7Harrison V.  DAINS b. 2/28/1890 d. ?

                                                   m. Rachel THOMPSON (11/2/1869)

                                                7John E. DAINS  b. Milo, Yates Co., NY

                                                   m. Sarah J.

                                                7Nancy DAINS

                                6Daniel Washington DAINS b. 1820 (twin) d. 11/22/1873

                                   m. Mary Ann ???

                                6Arnold P.R. DAINS

                                   m. Margaretta

                                6Jesse DAINS 

                 4HuldahDAINS/Dean  b. 7/15/1761

                    m. Nathaniel CHAFFEE (27 December 1781) ch=???

                 4Perry DAINS/Dean b. 1769 d. 8/14/1820 

                    **went with parents Henry and Margaret (Bates) Dains to Tinmouth, VT

                     m. Huldah ROUND (d/o George and Martha {Hopkins} Round ch=10

                           5Henry DAINS/Dean  b. 11/29/1794 d. 1890

                             m.Sarah Freelove BAXTER (1818)

                                   6Perry, Sr. DAINS/Dean b. 2/1819 d. 11/1/1901

                                      m. Sabrina Jane BOYNTON (1849) ch=7

                                                 7 Perry, Jr.DAINS/Dean b.13 December 1850 d. 27 November 1926

                                                    m. Caroline P. HANCOCK (12/121874) ch=1

                                                           8Harry Hancock DAINS /Dean

                                                 7Henry DAINS/Dean b.8/19/1852 d. 1858

                                                 7Darius Boynton DEANE  b. 4/2/1855

                                                    m.Myra Louise PUTNAM (10/8/1878) ch=2

                                                     daughter of Cordyon Putnam and Louisa Fuller

                                                           8Lotta Louise DEANE b.4/2/1882

                                                           8Frank Putnam DEANE b.5/12/1884 d.2/6/1918

                                                             m. Bertha BULL GAGER (9/14/1910) ch=2

                                                                           9Bertha Gager DEANE

                                                                           9Frank Punam, Jr. DEANE

                                                                              m. Betsy Lucinda

                                                                              (8/30/1941) ch= ?

                                                 7Simeon Montgomery DAINS /Dean  b.12/24/1856

                                                 7Mary Lemira DAINS /Dean  b.2/15/1858 d.10/29/1935

                                                    m. Uknown HORTON

                                                 7Zora BelveyDAINS  /Dean b.2/28/1860 d.12/28/1873

                                                 7Fred Henry DAINS /Dean b.4/7/1862 d.12/12/1936

                                   6Lucinda DAINS/Dean b. 1820

                                      m. Charles Andrews ch=2

                                   6Henry DAINS/Dean b. 1821 d. young: car accident

                                   6Eric DAINS/Dean b. 1823


                                                 7Celia DAINS /Dean

                                                 7LouiseDAINS  /Dean

                                   6Mary DAINS/Dean b. Rodman, NY m. John CUMMING

                                   6Laura DAINS/Dean

                                      m. Orland Nichols, Rev.

                                   6Jane DAINS /Dean

                                       m. William VANWALDECK ch=2

                                                  7Freelove DAINS/Dean

                                                  7George DAINS/Dean

                                   6Sarah DAINS/Dean

                                   6Oliver DAINS/Dean

                                      m. Delia GREEN ch=2

                                                  7Delia DAINS/Dean

                                                  7Nellie DAINS/Dean

                           5Elvira DAINS /Dean b. 9/4/1797

                              m. Zenas SEAMONS ch= 3




                           5Susie DAINS/Dean  b. 1800 d. in infancy

                           5Susan Dains/DEAN b. 1/30/1802

                               m. Caleb POTTER ch=8

3 Joseph DAINS b. 5/23/1720

3 Lydia DAINS b. 3/28/1726

   m. Samuel BRADFORD(1/19/1778) ch=?

3. Flavell (Flauell) DAINS b. 6/30/1731


2. SARAH DAYNES b. 1/19/1683 


2. THOMAS DAYNES/DAINS b. July 1677 bapt.8 July 1677 (by Mr. Bradstreet-First Church of Christ) d. October 1739

   m. Hannah DAVIS ch=6

3. Benjamin DAYNES/Dains b.? d. 4/11/1728

3. Thomas DAYNES/Dains   b. ? d.5/25/1725

3. Ebenezer DAYNES/Dains  b.?  d. 5/26/1726

3. Hannah DAYNES/Dains b.1706

3. Joseph DAYNES/Dains b. 1711

3. Tabitha DAYNES/Dains b. 1720


2. JOHN DAINS/DAYNES b. Feb1674  bapt. 8 February 1673/4 (by Mr. Bradstreet in the First Church of Christ) d. 14 May 1751

   m. Abigail PAINE ch=2

   also married widow Mary OVERTON (31 May 1716)


3. Peter DAINS b.1700 Southold, Suffolk Co, NY living in 1760 (according to the Paine family genealogy at the following hyperlink,M1

   m. UNKNOWN ch=2

           4John DAINS b. Unknown d. Southold, LI, NY age 34 

              m. Susan STEVENS ch=1

                        5Peter DAINS b. 14 Oct 1780 d. 20 July 1864

                          m. Nancy JAYNE ch=3

                                    6Chadwich DAINS   b.1808

                                        m. Mary C. DAINS ch=9 (d. of Daniel  & gggd Ephraim???)

                                                   7Therese DAINS   b.1830

                                                   7George H. DAINS  b. 1832

                                                      m. Sarah DAINS ch=5

                                                                   8Joseph  DAINS b.1855

                                                                   8Elizabeth DAINS  b.1858

                                                                   8Nelson DAINS  b.1859

                                                                   8William  DAINS  b.1859

                                                                   8Ellsworth  DAINS b.1861

                                                   7Chadwich DAINS  b. 1835

                                                   7William  DAINS b. 1836

                                                      m. Sarah DAINS ch=1

                                                                   8Georgianna DAINS   b.1869

                                                   7David  DAINS b. 1839

                                                   7 Joseph  DAINS b. 1842

                                                   7John F. DAINS   b. 1843

                                                   7Ellen  DAINS b. 1846

                                                   7Samuel  DAINS b. 1849  

                                    6 Peter DAINS  b.1809 b.1877

                                       m. Elizabeth OSBORN ch=5

                                                    7Eliza G. DAINS   b. 1842

                                                    7William  DAINS (twin) b. 1848

                                                    7Nancy A. DAINS  (twin) b. 1848

                                                    7Phebe F.DAINS   b. 1851

                                                    7Thomas DAINS  b.1857 d.1871

                                    6Nelson DANES b. 8/13/1811 d. 4/8/1885 Nelson Danes of LI  Blue Point NY  1873/1888

                                       m. Eliza SMITH ch=9 Blue Point NY  1873/1888

                                        also m. Annie C. Caroline HULSE   ch=1 (John F. Danes below)

   marker of Nelson C. Danes of Blue Point

                                                    7Susan M. DANES b. 10 Nov 1832 d.17 Sept 1908

                                                      m. William BEDELL (1865) ch=12 BEDELL  

    Nelson Danes Family info from Jackie Bedell 

                                                    7Thomas W. DANES b. 12 Jan 1835 d.13 Feb 1910

                                                      m. Sarah G. HALLOCK (9/16/1855) ch=2 

                                                                 8William Thomas DANES b. 12 March 1859

                                                                    m.Sarah Terry MOGER ch=1

                                                                            9Albert Spenser DANES b.22 March1898

                                                                 8Anora DANES b. 1870

                                                    7Esther A. DANES b. 8 Sept 1836 d.1 Jan 1887

                                                       m. James BEDELL (1870) ch=4

                                                        also m. Nathaniel COMBS (1/5/1883) ch=0

                                                    7Edward N. DANES  b. 3 July 1840 d.1902

                                                       m. Ann Rebecca GREEN ch=2

                                                                8Arden DANES  b.1865 d.1931

                                                                   m. Emma Humphreys ch=4

                                                                          9Dudley DANES  b.

                                                                          9Clarence DANES b. 1887 d.1956

                                                                          9Harry DANES b.1893 d.1966

                                                                          9Harold DANES b.1902

                                                                8Charles DANES b. 1874 d. 1907

                                                               m. Mary WALKER ch=3

                                                                         9Edward DANES b.1896 d.1985

                                                                         9Cecil DANES  b.1900 d.1975

                                                                            m. Mildred PALMER

                                                                         9Hazel DANES  b.1902

                                                    7Eliza E. DANES  b. 1 July 1843

                                                    7Sidney S. DANES b. 14 Nov 1845 d. 17 Nov 1846

                                                    7Ruth Amelia DANES  b. 14 Nov1846 d. 11 Aug 1899

                                                       m. George D.GERARD ch=1

                                                                8Wilmont Davidson GERARD b.10/4/1875

                                                                   m. Lillie Mae PARSONS (10/4/1899)

                                                    7Leveret E. DANES (twin) b. 25 Jan 1849 d.9 March1900

                                                       m. Angelina TOMPKINS ch=4

                                                                8Herbert E. DANES


                                                                          9Herbert C. DANES  b.25 Dec1959

                                                                          9Gladys DANES

                                                                8Lina DANES

                                                                8Almet DANES

                                                                8Julia DANES

                                                    7William  T. DANES aka Augustus (twin) b. 1851 d. 23 Jan 1907

Nelson, John, Augustus Danes

                                                        m. Sarah A. SMITH (11/30/1863) ch=3 

                                                         also m. Catherine METZER (2/28/1881)ch=2

gravestone of Catherine S. Danes of NY

                                                                8George DANES b.1868 d. ?

                                                                   m. E. M. MADAN (4/5/1900)

                                                                8Nelson DANES b. 29 Nov 1881 (may have married Caroline Overton)

                                                                8Mary E. DANES b.1876 d.1877

                                                                8Julian DANES  b.2 Sept 1881 d. 7 Jan 1882

                                                                8Caroline DANES 8 June1885 d.1958

                                                   7John F. DANES  b. 1856 d. 1913 

     Nelson, John, Augustus Dane  gravestone of John Danes of NY 1856-1913

                                                      m. Ida P. MOGER ch=1 gravestone of Ida P. Danes of NY

                                                                8Lelath DANES b.1880

                                                                   m.Thomas KNAPP



              4Peter DAINS  b. Unknown

3. Abraham Daynes/Dains b. 1702  d 1792;  married Jemima Case (1722)  (according to the Paine family genealogy),M1                                                 According to Mabel Warner Millikan's DAR file, this is likely the Abraham Daynes who was in listed in Mather's Refugee's to Long Island.  These refugees were moved from Long Island to Connecticut during the American Revolution, when it seemed that New York would fall to the British....I believe that the Abraham Daynes listed as a refugee in Mather's book is NOT the immigrant ancestor, but rather the grandson (and most likely- this grandson) of the immigrant ancestor, also named Abraham Daynes. Many noted historians and genealogists studying this family concur.   Millikan DAR file . In New London records, Abrah Dane appears as a variant spelling. 


2. JOHANNA DAYNES b. 2 February 1671 bapt. 8 February 1673/4 d. April 1743

   m. Daniel PALMETER I [s. of Joseph and Mary March Palmeter/Paramenter]  ch=9

     see the following hyperlink  that may link Daniel Palmeter through Mary Parmenter Howe's son Isaac Howe, who married Francis Woods of  

     Marlborough, MA. Parmenter Family Association  and also

These sites seem to be associated with John Dane Sr. of Roxbury and his widow, Annis/Hannah Bayford Chandler Dane Paramenter.  Palmeter is a variant spelling of the Paramenter.   

3. Ebenezer Sr. Palmeter

3. Daniel II Palmeter

3. Manassah Palmeter

3. Elnathan Palmeter b. 8 Sept 1705 Stonington, New London, CT

    m. Elizabeth Schofield ch=8

            4Sarah Palmeter b. 18 Mar 1734/5 Colchester, New London, CT

            4Elizabeth Palmeter b. Jan 1736/7 d. in infancy

            4Eunice Palmeter b. 11 Apr 1739 New London, CT

            4Elizabeth Palmeter b. 11 Dec 1741 Colchester, New London, CT

            4Irene Palmeter b. 28 May 1745 Colchester, New London, CT

            4John Palmeter b. 7 Jan 1747/48 Colchester, New London, CT

            4Nathan Palmeter b. 9 Mar 1748/9 Colchester, New London, CT

               m. Susannah Sanford ch= 8

                        5Sarah Olive Palmeter b. 23 Jan 1773 Grand Pre, Cornwallis, Nova Scotia

                           m. John WARD

                        5Mary Palmeter b. 19 Feb 1774 Grand Pre, Cornwallis, Nova Scotia

                           m. Nathan KILCUP

                        5Sanford Palmeter b. 15 Dec 1775 Grand Pre, Cornwallis, Nova Scotia

                          m. Rebecca Unknown

                        5Eunice Palmeter b. 1 Jan 1780

                           m. John SANFORD

                        5Abigail Palmeter b.6 Mar 1782 Grand Pre, Cornwallis, Nova Scotia

                           m. Pegleg MARSH

                        5John Palmeter b. 19 Mar 1784 Grand Pre, Cornwallis, Nova Scotia

                           m. Eunice Rockwell 

                           m. Mary Ann Fielden

                        5Judith Palmeter b. 31 May 1786 Grand Pre, Cornwallis, Nova Scotia

                           m. Joseph WARD

                        5Elizabeth (Betsy) Palmeter b. 21 June 1788

                          m. Unknown MARSH

            4Charles Palmeter b. 15 Feb 1751/52 Colchester, New London, CT

3. Lydia Palmeter

3. Anna Palmeter

3. Rebecca Palmeter

3. Abigail Palmeter

3. Ruth Palmeter


2.EBENEZER DAYNES/DAINS/DEANES b. 10/27/1680 d. 5/22/1753 ch=8Don Parrish's Website

   m. Mercy LUDDINGTON (17 March 1706 or 7) (daughter of William Luddington II and his wife, Mercy Whitehead who were married by Rev.   Samuel Russell, in Branford, CT in June of 1690)   NOTE: Mercy Whitehead's great uncle was Deacon George Alcock. The webmaster believes that relationship is as follows: Elizabeth Alcock Whitehead was the sister of Deacon George Alcock. Elizabeth Alcock was married to John Whitehead, whose son, John Whitehead was certainly was the nephew of Deacon George Alcock. The nephew of Deacon George Alcock, John Whitehead, was bought to the New World along with his brother Thomas Whitehead. John Whitehead married Martha Bradfield and was the father of Mercy Whitehead. Mercy Whitehead married William Luddington II and were the parents of Mercy Luddington Dains, died 23 Nov1743, aged 75.

 Descendants of John Whitehead      Mercy (Luddington) Dains family JOHN WHITEHEAD OF NEW HAVEN

3. Elizabeth DAINS  b. 20 Aug 1717

3. Hannah  DAINS  b. 9 Aug 1722

3. Eleanor (Elinor) DAINS b. 4 Feb 1709 d. ??

   m. James LUDDINGTON  [son of James and Rebecca Clark Luddington] ch=5 LUDDINGTONS

   also m. Paramenter LUDDINGTON ch=?

            4Elizabeth Luddington b. 23 April 1737 Scotland, Wyndham CT

               m. Zachariah DAINS (18 June  1760) [son of Oxenbridge and Abigail DAINS DAINS] ch=11

                         5Elizabeth  DAINS b 16 June 1761, Wyndham CT

                            m. Nehemaih PARISH (Revolutionary War Soldier 1776-1783)

                        5Lemuel DAINS

                        5James Luddington DEAN

                        5Wealthy DEAN 

                           m. Thomas GOWIN

                        5Mercy DEAN

                        5Silence "Sila" DEAN

                        5Oxenbridge "Bridge" DEAN

                        5David DEAN

                        5Armana "Mina" DEAN

                        5Abigail "Nabby" DEAN

                        5Zebulon DEAN 

            4David Luddington

            4Hannah Luddington

            4Lemuel Luddington  b. 8 May 1748 Scotland, Wyndham CT

               m. Hopestill TRUSCOTT ch=1

                         5Jeremiah Luddington  b. 1800

                            m. Laura Corbett (1821)

            4Eunice Luddington 

3. Abigail Dains b. 27 March 1715

    m. Oxenbridge DAINS (25 August 1735) #ch=8

4Thomas Dains b.22 Jan 1751 (twin of Abigail) 

   m. Sybil Jennings ch= 3

                        5Lydia Dains

                        5Mary Polly Dains

                        5Abigail Dains

            4Abigail Dains b. 21 Jan 1751 (twin of Thomas)

               m. Nathan Dains (cousin) also m. Lemuel Dains/Dean

4Zachariah “Zachri” DEAN b. 28 Sept 1738 d. 1820

   m. Elizabeth LUDDINGTON (2nd cousin) (6/18/1760) #ch=11 DEAN

5Elizabeth Dean  b. 16 June 1761 d. 1855

   m. Nemiah PARISH  (Elizabeth died in. Farmersville, NY) ch= ??? PARISH

                        5Lemuel Dean b. 23 Dept 1762 d. 21 Jan 1852 bur. Sherburne, Rutland Co, VT

                           m. Abiah HARRIS ch=6 DEAN/DAIN lemuel dain gravestone

   Photo by Sandra Trapp. Family info by Sandra Trapp 

                           m. Mary Abigail Upham WIGHT (cousin/wife of Nathan) ch=4 DANE

               6Almira Dean 

               6Anson Dean

               6James Dean

               6Mary Dean

               6Daniel  Daine b. 1783 d. 1820-92  See the following hyperlink

The Descendants of Daniel Daine 

                  m. Mary Ellen HAMER dan daine gravestone

      Photo by Sandra Trapp. Family info by Sandra Trapp

               6Nancy Dean

               6Stepen Lyons Dane b. 30 June 1812 d. 1885

                  m. Anna Marie CHAMPLIN ch=2

                  also m. Mary E. ch=2

                            7Amelia Marie Dane b. 17 June 1839 d.30 June1917

                               m. Daniel BROWDER KIVETT (6/2/1856) ch=2

                            7Lucy (Lucia) A. Dane  b.  June 1845 d.1915

                               M. William DILLEY ch=5

                            7Mary Evia Dane b.1877

                            7Birdie Dane b.1880

               6David Cleveland Dane b.20 Feb1815 d. 6 April 1900

                  m. Rhoda CAMPBELL ch=8

                            7Abigail Hannah Dane  b. 8 Feb 1828

                               m. Samuel H. WOODS ch=6

                            7Elizabeth Jane Dane7 Nov 1840 d.3 Feb 1898

                               m. Abraham LONG ch=3

                            7Henry Francis Dane b. 1842 d.20 July1864
                                           m. Lydia GOODWIN (4/17/1864) ch=

                         7George Dane b. 1844 d.1861-1865  captured

                         7Mary Ellen Dane b. Mar 1850 d.???

                            m. Gideon S. PERVIS (3/11/1871)

                         7Deliliah Dane b.1853

                            m. Rumwell BROWN (bef.1876)

                            also m. Joseph BUNTON (5/14/1876)

                         7Elmira M. Dane b.1855 d.bef.1880

                             m. Rumwell M. BROWN (5/28/1870) ch=1

                         7Sarah Ann Dane b.8/1858

                             m. George SHELTON (6/12/1876) ch=5

               6Matthew Wight Dane b.6 Nov 1818  d. ???

               6Marshall Easterbrook Dane b. 6 Nov 1818 d. 6 Feb 1867                                   

                 (Scottsburg, KY during Army service)

                  m.Arrila Eliza BENONI??? ch=3

                  also m. Mary VESTAL ch=0

                         7Marshall Esterbrook (Benoni), Jr. Dane b. 1842

                            served in Co H 70th Reg with father, disappered after war

                         7Laura Dane  b.1857

                         7James Dane  b.1860

                        5James Luddington Dean b. 27 Feb 1764 d. 1854

                          m. Ruth ??? ch=10 DEAN

                           also m. Sally Edgerton COPELAND

                                      6Ruth Dean

                                      6James Dean

                                      6Sally Dean

                                      6Amelia Dean

                                      6Elkhana Dean b.25 June 1801 d.19 Oct 1885

                                         m. Naomi GOULET (1823) ch= 2

                                                 7W.L. Dean b.1846 d.15 October 1864 killed in action

                                                 7George C. Dean b. 4 Aug 1831 d. 19 Feb 1894 Dakota Territory

                                                    m. Harriet A. BURR ch=2

                                                            8Fred A. Dean b. 7 April 1853

                                                            8Herbert G.  Dean b.31 July 1860 d. ???

                                                               m. Alice C. SANDERSON ch=5

                                                                      9Harold H. Dean  b.21 Nov 1893

                                                                      9Bernice C. b.10 Mar1895

                                                                      9Ethel F. b.2 Sept 1896

                                                                      9Dora J. b.7 July 1899

                                                                      9Marjorie Burr b.3 Feb 1902

                                      6Seth Ambrose Dean b. bef. Nov 1803 d.1875

                                         m. Margaret WAGNER (1850) ch=1

                                                7Ambrose Seth Dean b.Dec 1859 d.17 Feb 1930

                                                   m.Ida Belle COBIN (7/22/1883) ch=4

                                                            8Mertie Blanche Dean b.22 Nov 1885 d.4 July 1950

                                                            8Fred Otis Dean b.9 Sept 1887 d.20 Oct 1874

                                                              m. Addie WALDEN (12/3/1921) ch= 14

                                                                       9John Otis Dean b. 15 Oct 1922 d.3 Sept 1962

                                                                         m. Beatrice Estella ch= 3

                                                                                   10Lee Otis Dan

                                                                                      m. Joyce ch=2

                                                                                      m. Carolyn ch=2

                                                                                         11Angela Denise

                                                                                         11Daniel Lee

                                                                                         11John Ollie

                                                                                         11Melissa Ann

                                                                                   10Anna Jane b.11  May 1944

                                                                                   10Vonday Joy b.12 Nov 1945

                                                                                        d.1 Feb 1946

                                                                       9Isabelle Dean b.27 Feb 1925 d. 22 Sept 1987

                                                                         m. Luther (4/16/1978)

                                                                          m. Junior (4/16/1978)

                                                                       9Fred, Jr. Dean b 17 May 1927 d. 17 Jan 1996

                                                                         m. Marjorie Ann (7/17/1949)


                                                                                    10Roger Allen Dean

                                                                                      m. Patricia Sue (11/25/1972)


                                                                                            11Johnny Lee

                                                                                             11Jason Allen

                                                                                    10Jerry Wayne

                                                                                        m. Dana (6/6/1975)


                                                                                             11Chasidy b.

                                                                                             11Tisha Ann

                                                                                             11Jamie Lynn

                                                                                             11Jerry Wayne, Jr.

                                                                                    10Connie Jo

                                                                                    10Addie Jane

                                                                                    10Cheryl Ann

                                                                       9Leon Ambrose Dean b. 13 March 1929 d. ???

                                                                         m. Kathleen (9/25/1949) ch=6

                                                                                     10Jackie Lee

                                                                                          m. Lori  ch=1

                                                                                          m. Kristine (1971) ch=2

                                                                                          m. Margie (1977) ch=1


                                                                                               11Jeanette Sue

                                                                                               11Kristy Kae

                                                                                               11Jackie Leann

                                                                                     10Tommy Leon

                                                                                          m.Vicky Ann ch=2

                                                                                               11Wendy Jo

                                                                                               11Tracy Wade

                                                                                     10Jeanette Sue

                                                                                     10Bobby Eugene

                                                                                     10Patricia Ann

                                                                                     10Linda Diane

                                                                       9Robert William Dean b. 24 Dec 1930 d.24 Jan 1983

                                                                         m. Ruthanna  (2/2/1951) ch=5

                                                                                      10Donna Marie

                                                                                      10Ronnie Lee

                                                                                          m. Mary ch=1

                                                                                          m. Cindy ch=2

                                                                                               11Kavette Kay



                                                                                     10Dixie Dain

                                                                                     10Becky Jo

                                                                                     10Brian Dale

                                                                                         m. Angela Kay ch=1

                                                                                                11Macy Marie

                                                                       9Laura Maxine  b.2 Sept 1933 d. ???

                                                                       9Jackie Dean b. 31 Oct 1935 d. 6/1/1936

                                                                       9Mary Louise b. 12/24/1937 d. ???

                                                                       9Phyllis Jean  b.1/26/1941 d. ???

                                                                       9Shirley Ann  b. 9/5/1943 d.???

                                                                       9Bonnie Lucille  b. 6/13/1942

                                                                       9Donna Faye Dean  b.6/10/1947 d.6/10/1947

                                                                       9Nancy Sue b. 9/17/1949 d.???

                                                                       9Linda Kay b. 11/25/1950 d. ???

                                                            8Pearl Dean b.11/7/1888 d.9/9/1890

                                                            8Myrtle Blanch Dean b.11/22/1885 d.7/4/1950

                                                               m. Floyd Henry SULLIVAN (10/25/1902)

                                      6Harriet Dean

                                      6Juliana Dean 

                                      6Addison Dean 3/2/1812 d.6/1/1878

                                         m. Eleuthera DAVIS (4/12/1832) ch=2

                                               7James Addison Dean  b.2/24/1845 d.3/26/1925

                                                  m. Mary Catherine HOISINGTON (11/4/1878) ch=10

                                                           8Erwin Dean b. ? d?

                                                             m. Suzanna HEIKE ch=1

                                                                         9Arlyn L. Dean b.3/8/1920 d.12/21/1977

                                                                            m. Evelyn DAILEY (cousin)

                                                                                    10Sandra Marie Dean b. 12/21/1947


                                                                                    10Kevin L. Dean  b.10/4/1960 d.6/9/1999

                                                                                    10Lori m. Rob

                                                           8Henry Dean b.? d.?

                                                              m. Thelma (???) ch=1

                                                                         9Earl Dean b.? d.? m? ch=2

                                                                                     10John Dean

                                                                                     10Elda Dean

                                                           8Iva Dean b.? d.?

                                                              m. UNKNOWN KOCH ch= 1 KOCH

                                                                       9Ardice Koch

                                                           8Lewis Dean b.? d.?

                                                              m. Christine Eleanor CHRISTIANSON  ch=5

                                                                       9Donavin Dean

                                                                       9Leona Dean

                                                                       9Bernice Dean

                                                                       9Irma Dean

                                                                       9Harold Dean

                                                           8Mary Mahala Dean  b. ? d.?

                                                              m. Robert O’FARRELL

                                                           8Rodney Dean b. 1885 d. ?

                                                              m. Mable LOCKWOOD ch=4

                                                                        9Edith Dean

                                                                        9Mary Dean

                                                                        9Orin Dean

                                                                        9James Dean

                                                           8Marvin E. Dean b.1887 d.1969

                                                              m. Huldah O. HEDKE (5/23/1912) ch=6

                                                                        9Carl Dean

                                                                        9Kenneth Dean b.? d.?

                                                                           m. Jean ch=9











                                                                                          10Kenneth, Jr. d.4/8/1980

                                                                                              m. Susan


















                                                                                                      11Dennis J. A. 

                                                                                                      11Monica J.  

                                                                                                      11Nicholas A.  

                                                                                                      11Matthew K. 

                                                                        9Helen Dean 

                                                                        9Clarence N. Dean  b. 1/28/1923 d.8/27/1945

                                                                        9Ramona Dean  b.? d.?

                                                                          m.Odin Charles JOHNSON

                                                                        9Ada Dean b.6/23/1917 d.6/26/1917

                                                           8Lucy Margaret Dean b.2/22/1889 d.9/1964

                                                             m. Francis DAILEY ch=9 DAILEY

                                                           8Franklin O. Dean b.1895 d.1963

                                                             m. Florence M. Hansen ch=5

                                                                        9Merlyn Dean b.? d.?

                                                                           m. Donna

                                                                        9Ione Dean  b.? d.?

                                                                            m. Richard CLAPPES

                                                                        9Melva Dean  b.? d?

                                                                             m. William MILLER

                                                                        9Artsley Dean  b.? d.?

                                                                        9Colleen Clair Dean  b.? d.?

                                                           8Albert Dean  b.1897                    

                                               7Lucena Isabel Dean 

                                                 m. Daniel Foster CHURCHILL ch=1

                                      6Melindy Dean 

                        5Wealthy Dean b. 1/26/1766 d. aft. 1802

                          m. Thomas GOWIN (date???) ch=1

                                    6Thomas Gowin

                        5Mercy Dean b. 1/13/1768 d. 1862???

                        5Silence “Sila” Dains

                        5Oxenbridge Dains

                             m. Mary HUMPHREY (date???) ch=3 note: check this out

                                    6Ira Dains

                                    6Ebenezer Dains

                                    6Margaret Dains

                        5Amanda “Mina” Dains/Dean

                          m. Tim GOWIN ch=1

                                    6Tim Gowin

                        5Abigail Dean b. 1777

                        5Zebulon Dean b. 1779 d. 4/6/1856

                          m. Lura HUNTINGTON (date???) ch=11

                                    6Rodman Dean b. 10/8/1803 d. 1893


                                                  7Laura Dean

                                                     m. Azro FLINT (1852)

                                    6Timothy Dean b. 1804

                                       m. Mary SLEEPER

                                    6Wyman Dean b. 5/29/1805

                                        m. Unknown ADAMS ch=5

                                                  7Hiram Dean b.10/19/1829 d.1908

                                                     m. Lizzie ATWOOD JACKSON ch=2

                                                     also m. Esther ATWOOD BRYANT

                                                               8Joseph H. Dean

                                                                 m. Bertha GILETTE

                                                              8James E. Dean

                                                  7Harry Dean

                                                     m. Elizabeth ABBOTT

                                                  7Oscar Dean

                                                      m. Sarah ATTWOOD

                                                  7Infant Son Dean

                                                  7Emeline Dean

                                                     m. Frank DAVIS

                                    6Joel Dean b. 7/22/1806

                                    6Whitman  Dean b. 4/20/1807

                                       m. Alvira ADAMS

                                    6Elkhana Dean  b. 10/9/1808

                                    6John  Dean b. 1809

                                    6Harry Dean b. 5/28/1810

                                    6Rebecca Dean  b. 6/21/1812

                                    6Abigail Dean b. 9/18/1816

                                    6Phila Dean b. 7/29/1821

                        5David Dean  b. 1773  Windham CT d.1845

                           m. Mary O. Polly MILLET ch=8

                                    6Leonard Stephen Dean b. 1799 d. 1800

                                    6David Jr. Dean B. 12/17/1803 D. 10/13/1870

                                       m. Melinda Beckwith ch=5

   also m. Sarah Sheppard ch=3

                                                7Ira Dean b. 1829 d. bef 1860

                                                   m. Maria A. Storey (9/23/1852) ch=1

                                                           8Ida E. Dean

                                                7Alvah  Lufe Lude b.1831 Astabulla Co.

                                                    m. Phebe A. SHRONTZ ch= 4

                                                    also m. Elizabeth FARMER (2/18/1880) ch=4

                                                           8Nelly A. Dean  b.1854 (twin)

                                                           8Wesley  Dean b.1854 (twin)

                                                           8Emma Dean

                                                           8Frank Dean

                                                7Pheobe Maria  Dean b.11/4/1832 d.9/14/1901

                                                   m. Thomas  Nelson ROBERTS (12/20/1855) ch=6

                                                7William Oliver Dean b.1/14/1836 d. 12/12/1913

                                                   m. Elizabeth BEAVER (1/8/1865) ch=4

                                                          8Lew Dean

                                                          8Sarah Jane Dean b.12/2/1866

                                                             m. Lemuel BIESELL

                                                          8Ida May Dean b.11/7/1869 d.5/1/1964

                                                             m. A.B. BISELL ch=1 BISELL

                                                          8William Henry Dean b.11/3/1872 d.12/1/1954 Minn, MN

                                                             m. Elizabeth Lurena JOHNSTONE (11/1/1893)


                                                                         9Lloyd Allison Dean b. 7/25/1895 d. 1/17/1985

                                                                           m. Ruth Gertrude ch=3

                                                                                        10Jack Lowell

                                                                                            m.Betty ch=2

                                                                                                 11Wendy Beth

                                                                                                 11Mark William

                                                                                        10Joyce Ann

                                                                                        10Mary Janeth


                                                                         9Opal Imah Dean b.5/10/1902 d.1/8/1987

                                                7Maria Dean b. ??? d???

                                                   m. Thomas Nelson ROBERTS ch=4

                                                7Mary Jane Dean b.1846 d. 11/27/1923

                                                   m. Edward BROWN (3/17/1861) ch=8

                                                7John M. Dean b.2/1848 d.1889

                                                    m. Nancy Jennie MOORE (6/4/1870) ch=6

                                                         8Anna Amy Zeta Dean b.4/14/1871

                                                         8Sarah Jane Dean b.1872

                                                         8Elbert  Dean b.1875

                                                         8Martha Dean b.1878

                                                         8Ray Dean

                                                         8Mina Michelle Dean b.5/30/1883

                                                7Infant Daughter Dean  b. ??? d.1852

                                    6Polly Dean b. 9/15/1805 d. 3/27/1877

                                       m. Minor BELL ch=5

                                                7Infant Son Bell b.1822

                                                7Melissa Bell

                                                7Melinda Bell

                                                7William Bell

                                                7Mary Catherine Bell  b. 2/18/1839 d.5/27/1913

                                                   m. Lewis STANTON

                                                   also m. William WOOD

                                    6Luke, Rev., Dr. Dean  b. 1/18/1808 d. 12/9/1902

                                      m. Rachel COOK (1/18/1828) ch=5

                                       also m. Caroline SALISBURY (6/28/1850)

                                       also m. Ann WETHEREL

                                                    7Son 1 Dean

                                                    7Son 2 Dean

                                                    7Daughter Dean b.1835-40

                                                    7Martha M. Dean b. 1842 d.6/28/1865

                                                       m. Lafayette MOON (1865)

                                                    7Alma Eveline  Dean b.11/16/1846 d.3/2/1936

                                                       m. Judson Albert COOK (2/27/1866)

                                    6William Malcolm Dean  b. 7/29/1810 d. 6/5/1892

                                        m. Mary Anne HICKOK ch=7

                                                    7Lucius Malcom Dean b.7/8/1836 d.12/26/1926 Fresno, CA

                                                       m. Mary Jerusha RANDALL ch=9

                                                        also m. Gertrude DOW (1/3/1883)

                                                                8Mary Jerusha Dean b.3/24/1862

                                                                8Lucius Malcom Dean b.5/22/1864

                                                                  m. Alice RILEY (11/17/1901) ch=3

                                                                            9Albert Ansel Dean  b.3/9/1903 d.6/1967

                                                                               m.Dora HENNEY MEYER (1/1/1929)

                                                                                 ch= 1

                                                                                         10Albert Leroy Dean

                                                                            9Alice Marguerite  Dean b.1/16/1905

                                                                            9Chester Lucius Dean b.5/12/1906

                                                                8Francis Earl Dean b.11/20/1866 d.11/27/1924

                                                                   m. Lilley DALE (6/7/1890) ch=4

                                                                            9Oran Eugene Dean  b.5/2/1892 d.5/2/1892

                                                                            9Earl Francis Dean b.12/18/1894 d.?

                                                                               m. Irene MINCK (3/11/1917) ch=

                                                                            9Vernon Samuel Dean b. 10/1896 d.1898

                                                                            9Alma Catheryn Dean b.6/1898 d.5/1901

                                                                8Helena Elvia Dean  b.7/5/1868 d.4/5/1869

                                                                8Alden Ora Dean  b.10/20/1870 d.2/2/1931

                                                                   m. Martha Jane DOW (12/25/1912) ch= 5

                                                                            9Mildred Lucille Dean  b.5/6/1914

                                                                            9Robert Leroy  Dean b.4/29/1915

                                                                            9Dorothy May  Dean b.12/1/1916 d.2/4/1917

                                                                            9Donald Ray Dean  b.12/1/1916 d.1/29/1917

                                                                            9Marjorie Marie Dean  b.4/23/1919

                                                                8Eddie Simeon Dean b.12/1/1873 d.12/1/1873

                                                                8Chester Hubbard Dean b.3/22/1875 d. 6/28/1876

                                                                8George Albert Dean b. 10/7/1877

                                                                   m. Villa SMITH

                                                                8Charles Oren Dean b. 5/2/1882 d.9/1/1882

                                                     7Angeline Melissa  Dean b.9/1/1838 d.6/24/1900

                                                        m. Chester RANDOLPH ch=1 (adopted niece)

                                                              Flo’s mother Martha Buckingham died 1881

                                                               8Florence Angeline Dean b.11/27/1877

                                                                  m. John H. BATCHELDER

                                                    7William Cyrus Dean b.11/8/1840 d.8/22/1901

                                                       Co. C 31st WI Reg. Volunteers

                                                       m. Martha NICHOLS BUCKINGHAM (9/21/1862)               

                                                        ch=9 (Martha died giving birth to 9th child)

                                                        also m. Margaret Almira SUTHERLAND ch=10

                                                                8William Thomas Dean b.7/7/1866 d.1/13/1941

                                                                   m. Martha Ann WASSMUND (3/20/1893)


                                                                              9William Harry Dean b.4/1/1894 d.7/30/1987

                                                                                 m. Mamie ch=5

                                                                                             10William Burdette 


                                                                                                  m. Isis ch=2 Isis E. Dean Obituary

                                                                                                      11William Dubois

                                                                                                      11Lynette Isis

                                                                                             10Richard Harry b.12/27/1919

                                                                                                 m. Jessie ch=3

                                                                                                     11Nancy Lee

                                                                                                     11Gordon Richard

                                                                                                     11Brian Paul

                                                                                             10Vernon James Dean b.8/8/1921

                                                                                             10Marjorie Joyce Dean b.8/23/1926

                                                                                             10Lavonne Alice Dean b. 10/6/1927

                                                                              9Florence Charlotte Dean b.11/21/1895


                                                                              9Elsie Ellen Dean b.4/15/1898  d.1/4/1986

                                                                              9Thomas James Dean b.9/20/1900              


                                                                                 m. Viola Marie Dorothea


                                                                                             10Dorothy Marie 

                                                                                             10Roger James

                                                                                             m.Joyce TOFIELAND (1962)

                                                                                             m.Janet Bender

                                                                                             10Sharon Ann

                                                                              9Mabel Clara Dean b.6/8/1902 d.7/2/1982

                                                                              9Hazel Helen Dean b.9/3/1904 d.3/24/1978

                                                                              9Ethel Mae Dean b.10/8/1905 d. 5/12/1963

                                                                              9Ivah Esther Dean b.1/22/1908 d. 4/5/1998

                                                                              9Henry Cyrus Dean b.3/24/1910 d.9/16/1965

                                                                              9Bernice Ruth Dean b. 4/5/1912 d.6/3/1913

                                                                              9Shirley Marie Dean  b.1/16/1915 d.7/7/1999

                                                                              9Martha Christiana Dean b.4/27/1917d.?

                                                                              9Raymond Earnest Dean  b.5/10/1919


                                                                              9Frank Leslie Dean b. 1/17/1922 d.1/27/1970

                                                                               m. Georgianna Henrietta (1952)


                                                                                          10Sheila Rae Dean

                                                                                          10Daniel Leslie Dean

                                                                8Clara Ann Melinda Dean b.3/12/1868 d.7/29/1950

                                                                8Francis Jeanette Dean b.6/2/1869 d.6/16/1875

                                                                8Mary Ella Dean b.1/23/1871 d.9/13/1961 MN

                                                                8Jennie Cora Dean b.11/18/1872 d.4/12/1965

                                                                  m.Charles KIENAST (12/1/1891)

                                                                8Richard Abraham Dean  b.5/25/1874 d.3/7/1940

                                                                   bur. Mona View Cem. Muskegon, MI

                                                                   m.Winnie GRIFFIN ch=7

                                                                              9Oliver Cyrus Dean  b.5/26/1901 d.7/12/1963

                                                                                 m. Kathryn (1929) ch=5

                                                                                           10Robert Oliver Dean

                                                                                              m.Kathryn Ann ch=4

                                                                                              m.Patricia Rose

                                                                                                  11Deborah Lee

                                                                                                  11Robert David

                                                                                                  11Laura Diane

                                                                                                  11Cheryl Lynn

                                                                                           10George Arthur, Rev.


                                                                                                m.Doris Jean


                                                                                                11Daniel Arthur

                                                                                                11Cheryl Susan

                                                                                                11Rebecca Lynn

                                                                                                11Kevin Paul

                                                                                                11Nancy Kathryn

                                                                                                11Nathan Oliver

                                                                                           10Lawrence Allen

                                                                                           10Douglas Roger

                                                                                               m.Carol Elizabeth


                                                                                                 11Theresa Lynn

                                                                                           10Bruce Gordon

                                                                                               m. Carolyn Ann


                                                                                                11Kimberly Sue

                                                                                                11Lisa Lynette

                                                                              9Lyman Lender Dean b.5/12/1902 d.7/1984

                                                                              9Francis Duane Dean  b.7/2/1905 d.10/1979

                                                                                m. Dorcas Lucille ch=3

                                                                                 m. Laura ch=0

                                                                                 m. Mary Madeline ch=1

                                                                                           10Carol Virginia

                                                                                           10James Graham

                                                                                           10Norman Eugene b. 6/13/1934


                                                                                           10Duane Otho

                                                                                               m.Diane Dean




                                                                              9Laura Myrtle Dean b.1/12/1909 d.1940

                                                                              9Hilton Richard  Dean b. 3/21/1911

                                                                                 d. 10/19/1995

                                                                              9Winnie Marie Dean  b.4/13/1919 d.12/9/1989

                                                                              9Harley David  Deanb.2/10/1921 d.5/1997

                                                                                 m. Lauretta Arlene (6/10/1944) ch=???                 

                                                                8Florence Angeline Dean  b. 11/27/1877 d.10/15/1902

                                                                   (adopted by aunt)

                                                                8Emma Jane Dean  b.9/24/1879 d.10/1/1979 WI

                                                                8Martha Ann Dean  b.3/31/1881 d. 8/1886

                                                                  (adopted by Hoppis family after mother’s death)

                                                                8William Elonzo Dean  b.5/15/1882 d.3/15/1951

                                                                    m. Indian Junie JORDAN ch=2

                                                                     also m. Mae (Marie) Ladeux (sister of Junie)

                                                                              9Gladys b.1904 d.1960

                                                                              9Lyle A. b.1907 d.1978

                                                                                m. Matilda ch=3

                                                                                          10Marie A.


                                                                                          10William m. Deloras                                        

                                                               8Maud Etta Dean   b.3/15/1884 d. 7/26/1961 S. Dak.

                                                                 m.Willard ADAMS

                                                               8Laura Belle Dean b.9/30/1885 d.7/3/1974 MN

                                                               8Edith Henrietta Dean  b.4/28/1887 d.2/7/1959

                                                                 m.Clifton HAM

                                                               8Baby Boy  Dean b.2/19/1889 d.2/19/1889

                                                               8Blanch Amelia Dean b.1/7/1890 d.3/3/1978 WA

                                                               8Bessie May  Dean b.5/5/1892 d. 11/7/1973

                                                                   m. Ray Wellington ADAMS

                                                               8Cora Permelia Dean  b.9/26/1894 d.3/28/1982 MN

                                                               8Leonard Lester  Dean b.5/20/1897 d.10/26/1976

                                                                 m. Jessie SHAW ch=7

                                                                             9Emmet Patrick Dean  b.4/26/1934 d.1975

                                                                                m. Joann UNKNOWN ch=3




                                                                             9Jerry Lee Dean b.5/13/1935 d.?

                                                                             9William Perry, Sr. Dean

                                                                                m. Helga Elsa ch=6

                                                                                              10William Thomas



                                                                                                  11Patricia Ann

                                                                                                  11Melissa Maria

                                                                                              10Rosemarie Denise

                                                                                              10Michael Dennis

                                                                                               m.Laurie ch=1                  

                                                                                               m.Pamela ch =1

                                                                                               m.Sheryl Diette


                                                                                                11Justin Michael

                                                                                                11Jessica Kay-Lea




                                                                                            10Jerry Lee II,

                                                                                              m.Wanda ch=3

                                                                                              11Katherine Daniel

                                                                                              11Brian Jacob

                                                                                              11Archie John

                                                                                            10Richard Allen

                                                                                               m.Nicole Jeanette


                                                                                               11Joseph Michael

                                                                                               11Mason David

                                                                             9Leo James Dean  b.8/3/1938 d.?

                                                                             9Gordon Lester Dean b. 3/2/1941

                                                                             9Mary Ellen  Dean b.10/5/1942

                                                                             9Jimmie Darrell, Sr. Dean b.1/17/1945

                                                                             d.12/20/1989 m.Aida ch=2

                                                                                             10Jimmie Darrell, Jr. Dean

                                                                                             10Robert Lee Dean ch=3

                                                                                              m. Crystal ch=1




                                                               8Lyle Earl Dean  b.8/17/1899 d.4/9/1917

                                                    7Albert  Dean b.4/16/1843

                                                    7Cassius Clay Dean b.7/20/1845 d.4/21/1890

                                                        25th WI Vol Trans. 12th WI Vol.  Co. I

                                                      m. Louisa “Louise” M. DeSILVA (9/22/1866)

                                                       div.1889; ch=4

                                                               8Cassius Canfield  Dean b.9/14/1868 d.10/26/1868

                                                               8Eleanor “Nellie” A. Dean  b.8/1869

                                                               8Bertie Dean  b.2/1871 d. 5/6/1871

                                                               8Mercy Dean b.9/19/1884

                                                                  m. Fred SCHROEDER (aft.4/6/1910)

                                                    7Mary Ann Dean  b.8/27/1848 d.8/2/1931

                                                       m. Josiah YOST (9/1/?1866

                                                    7Alzina Dean  b. 11/21/1850 d.12/25/1934

                                                        m. Mark DANIELS

                                                         also m. James Willis HALBERT (1/20/1878)

                                    6Daniel Shepard, Rev. Dean b b. 8/8/1812 d. 12/26/1891

                                       m. Mary HOLMES (1838) ch=5

                                                    7Helen Dean  b.1844

                                                       m. Allen W. SMITH (1862)

                                                    7Harriet Dean b.1846

                                                       m. William P. ANDRUS (1865)

                                                    7Sarah Dean b.1848 d. Batavia, Genesee Co,NY

                                                       m. George W. Hickox

                                                    7Charles H. Dean  b. 4/1855 d. Alexander, Genessee Co, NY

                                                       m. Olive S. (1880)

                                                    7Edward M. Dean b. 9/1857 d. Buffalo, Erie Co. NY

                                                       m. Florence M. (1880)

                                    6Willard Dean  b. 10/19/1814 d. 6/15/1896

                                       m. Melissa SMITH (1835) ch=6

                                                    7Alvin Dean b.4/25/1848 d.10/13/1850

                                                    7Fredrick Dean  b. 4/25/1853

                                                       m. Mary Ann (1878)

                                                    7Martin Marshall Dean b.8/6/1856 d. 1940

                                                        m. Minnie DAVENPORT

                                                    7Janene Dean b.10/8/1859

                                                    7Florila Dean b.8/31/1862 d.8/30/1864

                                                    7George Dean b.3/11/1870 MI

                                 6Fanny Mae Dean1/15/1817 d. 5/28/1909

                                    m. Sheldon HAVENS ch=3

                                    also m. Hiram McCumber ch=2                                                                    

                                                   7George Hiram  b.2/28/1839 d.1913

                                                   7Silas b. 5/7/1841 d.8/22/1863

                                                   7Daniel b.8/31/1844 d.12/1883

                                                      GRAND TRAVERSE  CO

                                                       m. Julia STICKNEY (1/7/1864)

                                                   7Solomon Sterling b.3/26/1858 d.7/11/1925

                                                   7Hiram Bonapart b. 1860

            4Abigail DAYNES b. 10 Aug 1737 d. 11 Nov. 1737

            4Ephraim  DAINS b. 12 June 1740

              m. Percella BROWN (11/20/1798) #ch=1

                        5Thomas Jefferson DAINS  b. 1800

            4Samuel DAINS  b. 21 July 1744 d.10 May 1822

               m. Abigail STANTON (1774) ch=5

                        5Nathan  DAINS b. 1776

                            m. Mary Abigail Upham WIGHT (1st cousin’s widow)

                                      6. Elias Keyes Dains b. 1802

                                           m. Mary MARTIN ch=2

                                                      7Elias Royal  Dains b.22 June 1828 d 17 Aug 1921 (fur trader)

                                                         m. Julianne Jerusha BROWN ch=13

                                                               8Edgar Dains

                                                               8Edna Dains

                                                               8Edwy Dains

                                                               8Ida Dains

                                                               8Mary Elizabeth Dains

                                                               8Charles H. Dains b. 9 Nov 1854  d..27 Apr 1921 OK

                                                                       9John Dains ch=1

                                                                                    10 Roy Joe ch=4

                                                                                         11Virginia Louise

                                                                                            m. Leslie

                                                                                         11Benny Joe

                                                                                         11Lori Rene

                                                                                           m. Gregory

                                                                                         11Monte Clay

                                                               8Ella DAINS  b. 1856

                                                                  m. Peter  UNKNOWN

                                                               8Olin Allen DAINS  b. 13 Jan 1862 Kalamazoo, MI

                                                                  d.5 Dec 1938 CA

                                                               8Francis Elmina  DAINS b.18 Nov 1863 Kzoo

                                                                  d.22 July 1953 OK

                                                               8Carrie Fidelia DAINS  b.20 Sept 1870 d. Oct 1960 KS

                                                               8Harry Edwin  DAINS b.1875 d.1982 NB

                                                               8Emry Albertus “Emery” DAINS  b.24 Oct 1876

                                                                  d.31 Aug 1935

                                                               8Edward Lee  DAINS b.4/1881 d.1909

                                                      7Frances  DAINS b. 1840

                                      6George Miller  DAINS b. 5 Jan 1803 d. 20 Apr 1895

                                         m. Cynthia Martin DALY (9/24/1823) ch=4

                                                      7Lucy C. DAINS                                                      

                                                      7Mary Ann DAINS

                                                         m. Franklin WEED SHEDD (1848)

                                                      7George Gamaliel DAINS , Rev. b.1 May 1828 d. 3 Aug 1884

                                                         m.Mary Ann FAY (7/19/1859) ch=3

                                                          also m. Celestia STONE BURNETT (11/25/1866)


                                                                8George Herrick DAINS  b.1861 d.1904

                                                                8Mary Fay DAINS  b.1862 d.1879

                                                                8Ann Cynthia  Dains b.1864 d.1866

                                                                8Frank Burnett  DAINS b.15 Jan 1869 d. Jan 1949

                                                                   m. Alice HAIGHT

                                                      7Martha Jane DAINS

                                      6Henry Spaulding DANE b.8 Nov 1805 d. 1 Jan 1888

                                         m. Hannah STAFFORD ch=1

                                         also m. Sylvia WHITCOMB

                                         also m. Sarah WELTY ch=3

                                                     7Almina Hannah DANE b.8 Feb 1828 d. 14 May 1899

                                                     7Dwight H  DANE b.24 Dec 1848 d. bef. 1880

                                                        m. Sarah WILHITE (4/16/1868) ch=4

                                                              8Walter DANE

                                                              8Minnie DANE b. 31 Mar 1869 Morgan Co., IN  d. 6 Apr 1916 Morgan Co., IN

                                                              8Oliver DANE b.1870

                                                              8William DANE  b.1874

                                                     7Anna Rebecca DANE b. 25 July 1850 d.28 Oct 1901

                                                        m. Levi WILHITE (12/12/1867)

                                                        also m. Wesley SHORMAKER ch=3

                                                     7Joseph Benson  DANE b. 26 Sept 1852 d.1912

                                                       m. Martha GRESHAM (10/21/1875) ch=1

                                                               8Bessie Koen  DANE b. 1885 KS

                                      6Charles Chandler DANE 20 Feb 1807

                        5Samuel DAINS b. 1765-1791

                        5Daniel DAINS b. 1787 Canterbury, Wyndham, CT d. 1870 Brooklyn, CT

                           m. Alice BENNET (11/24/1802) ch=2

                                      6Mary b. 12 Aug 1806 

                                      6Chloe b. 18 Sept 1811

                        5Experience DAINS b. 1764-1784

                           m. James SPAULDING (5/20/1797)

                        5Chloe DAINS b. 1765-1791

                           m. John WILSON (12/17/1798)

            4Oxenbridge DAINS b. 4/6/1746/7 

                m. MARY HUMPHREY(12/15/1772) ch=3

                        5 Ira DAINS b. 1774

                        5Ebenezer DAINS b. 1780

                        5Margaret DAINS b. Unknown

            4Nathan DAINS b. 3 Jan 1748/9 d. June 1785 Served in Rev. War Capt. Smith's Co., 21st Regiment in 1776

                m. Lucy SHARP (6 Nov 1774) #ch= 1

                        5Willard DAINS b. 10/19/1775 d. 1842-1848

3. Ebenezer DAINS, b. 4/9/1712 d. 7/1787

   m. Debora MUNROE, sister of Benejah DAINS' wife (11/9/1738) #ch=4 William Munroe of Lexington

            4Josiah DAINS b. 3/21/1741 d. bef 1787

                 m. Anne LUDDINGTON (9/26/1763) #ch=3

                        5Josiah DAINS b. 3/30/1767

                        5Elinor DAINS b. 4/18/1768

                        5Lurania DAINS b. 3/22/1774

4Hannah DAINS b.9/28/1748

   m. Henry Dewitt DOUSET (11/1772)

4Deborah DAINS  4/7/1739????

   m. Nathanial GATES (1765) #children= GATES

4Ebenezer DAINS b.9/4/1739 b.1785 “ZERRY” DAINS 8th Huntington (1st CT) REV

   m. Mary DURFFEY(14 November 1763) #ch=7

          5Asa DAINS b.6/7/1764 d. 5/4/1843

              m. Jane KASSON (4/1/1785) #ch.=9

                        6Jeptha DAINS b.1/10/1786 d.12/2/1869 Meigs, Ohio

                           m. Rebecca Unknown ch=4

                                  7Kasson DAINS b.7/18/1822 d. 10/30/1865

                                  7Jacob DAINS b.1828 d.?? bur. Meigs, OH Bentz Cem.

                                  7Mary DAINS b.1832

                                  7Amarilla (Aurilla) DAINS  b.1834

                        6Nancy DAINS b. 5/12/1788  Royalton Windsor Vt. D.6/6/1864

                           m. Jesse HALSEY ch=6

                                  7Solomon Halsey b. 1808 1st child born in Orange, Meigs Co, OH


                                  7Willard HALSEY

                                     m. Amanda Hecox

                                  7Sidney HALSEY

                                  7Merilla HALSEY

                                  7Volney HALSEY

                                  7Rozanne          HALSEY

                        6Abial DAINS b. 8/7/1792 d. 3/5/1851

                          m. Rebecca Shumway (12/24/1815) #ch=13

                                 7James D., Rev.  DAINS

                                 7Will DAINS

         7Roudolphus DAINS b. 1827 d. 7/11/1859

                                  m. Anar QUINBY #ch=

                                  7Harriet DAINS

         7Marilla DAINS b. 1834

         7Marinda  DAINS b.9/14/1835 d.???

            m. Austin Hecox ch=5

                         8Arli A b.3/25/1857 d. 5/25/1857

                         8Emery C. b. 7/25/1865

                         8Omer E. b.12/14/1869

                         8Linnie A. b.8/27/1875

                         8UNKNOWN CHILD d.

                                             7Henrietta DAINS b. 1837

                                 7Alepa (alexa) Lexeda DAINS b. 1839

                                 7Andrew Donley DAINS b. 1844 d. 12/8/1910

                                   m. ?????? ch=1

                                                 8Guy Logan DAINS b.10/8/1884 d.1969 FINDING A LOST BRANCH

                                                    m. Barbara BIHL (12/23/1991) ch=2

                                                                    9Guy Victor DAINS b.12/14/1912 d.8/31/1997

                                                                    m. Anna Margaret BOTTS (1939) ch=2

                                                                              10Guy Edwin

                                                                                   m.Marggie Lynn


                                                                                   m.Penelope Lou


                                                                                  11Guy Houston

                                                                                       m.Rene (1994)



                                                                    9Roy W.

                                 7Alson (twin) DAINS b.1846

 6Calvin Parcus Parkhurst DAINS b.12/16/1792 d. 6/27/1879

   m Jane SLOAN (4/5/1814) #ch.=8

         7Charlotte  DAINS b.11/5/1816 d.4/20/1908

             m. Isaac SARGENT (date) ch=4 

                        8Sarah Jane Sargent b.1841 d.1896 

                           m. David Laird LEE (date) ch= 4 also m. Josiah RICE(date) ch=0

                                            9Ella Lee b.1860 d.1930 

                                                m. Lucius HOLTER (date) ch=3

                                                        10Eber Holter b.1885 d.1934

                                                             m.Flora May SHAIN (date) also m. Bertha BAILEY

                                                        10Katie Holter  b.1890 d. ? 

                                                            m. Ernest CROSS

                                                        10Homer B. Holter  b.1899 d.1963

                                                            m. Ada FRECKER ch=1

                                                             11Roy Lee Holter  b.1928 

                                                                 m. Patricia THOMPSON ch=4

                                                                    12Nancy Ann b.1950

                                                                    12Alan B. b.1954

                                                                    12Janice Kay b.1956

                                                                    12Eddie B. b.1961

                                            9J(ohn) Wilbur b.1862 d. 1939

                                                m. Laura ROUSH b.1866 d. 1944 ch=5

                                                        10Jessie L. b.1884 d. 1937

                                                            m. Joseph R. THOMPSON (date) ch=5

                                                            11Ilene b.1903

                                                            11Mabel Fern

                                                            11W(ilbur) Lee b.1909 d.1986

                                                            11Laura Frances b.1912

                                                            11Josephine L. b. 1916

                                                        10Dale Lee b.1886 d. 1951

                                                            m. Lillian HOBSTETTER (date) ch=5

                                                             11Wilma  b.1910

                                                             11J. Wilbur II b.1912

                                                             11J. Russell b.1915

                                                             11L(aura) Rose b.1920

                                                             11J. Richard b.1921 d.1989

                                                        10Fern M. b.1889 d. ?

                                                            m. James E. STANBURY, DVM.  ch=4

                                                              11James L. b.1915 d.1992

                                                              11Robert L. b.1917

                                                              11Charles L. b.1920

                                                              11Virginia Lee b.1925

                                                        10Frank R. b.1891 d. 1896

                                                        10Ralph E. b.1896 d. 1974

                                                            m. Robert BERDINE (date) ch= 3

                                                               11Robert E. b.1896 d. 1998 ch=1

                                                                    12William b.1953 d.1994

                                                               11Evelyn b.1918

                                                                    m. James E. INGRAM/BUDGE

                                                              11Betty Ruth b. 1922 

                                                                    m. Dwight SWEPSTON (date) ch=4

                                                                    12Stephen b. 1950

                                                                         m. Mari Linn SCHNEIDER

                                                                    12Jana Lee b.1951

                                                                    12Mark b.1954

                                                                    12Kent Ralph b.1957

                                            9Charles Henry b. 1869 d. 1914

                                                m. Katherine Rebecca McCULLOUGH (date) ch=7

                                                        10Harry Meredith b.1892 d.1964

                                                            m. Laura Belle CORNETET (date) ch= 1

                                                                11James Cornetet b.1924 d.1988

                                                                    m. Elenaor HARBAUGH (date)

                                                                    also m. Jacqueline Alice DANNENBERG (date) ch= 2

                                                                     12Avery Cornetet b. 1951

                                                                     12Paul Allen b.1953 

                                                                        m. Jennifer THORPE (date) ch=2

                                                                                13Erin Allyson b. 1977

                                                                                     m. Daniel Owen SHANE

                                                                                13Meredith Kristen b.1980

                                                        10Mattie MURL b.1893 d.1987

                                                            m.Howard Douglas HERBST

                                                              11Robert Lee b.1922

                                                                m. Barbara Phoenix Coe 

                                                                    12Douglas Coe b.1950

                                                                       m.Helen MESA

                                                                                13Anita b. 1974

                                                                    12Margaret "Peggy" b.1953

                                                                       m.Edward Hearl Breashears

                                                                                 13Robert b.

                                                                                 13Sandra b.

                                                        10Ethel Frances b.1896 d.1946

                                                             m. Gerald Cecil Smith ch= 1

                                                             also m. "Jim" Edgar Martin Freese, MD ch=2

                                                             also m. William Franklin Millhon, MD

                                                               11Sarah Amoret b.1914 d. 1995 (adopted as Freese)

                                                                    m. Paul Karl VON JOHN

                                                                    also m. Chester BLUMENAUER

                                                                11Martin Lee b. 1922 d. 1977

                                                                    m.Jean Marie BARTLEY ch=3

                                                                            12William Martin b.1956

                                                                                m.Robin URBAN

                                                                            12Amorette Ann b. 1958

                                                                              m. Steven Craig ALLISON

                                                                            12Bartley James b.1961

                                                                                m. Shelly SANDERS

                                                        10Fred Merrit b.1898 d.1979

                                                            m. Lillian Mae GETROST  d. 2003, aged 102

                                                              11Julia Katherine b. 1927

                                                                   m.Joseph Linn COLBURN ch=

                                                                             12Joseph Linn b. 1948

                                                                                 m. Deborah Sue HUFFMAN ch=1

                                                                     also m. Avenelle TIMBERLAKE ALBRECHT


                                                                                 also m.Joyce Janes SOUTHERN ch=

                                                                                        13Benjamin Huffman b.1979

                                                                               12David Laird b. 1950

                                                                                   m.Nancy Sue ROSE

                                                                                         13Peter Linn b. 1970

                                                                                            m. Tami RADER

                                                                                            also m. Beth BAKER

                                                                                                 14Jason Laird b.1999

                                                                                12Andrew Lee b. 1956

                                                                                    m. Denise Renae RUBLE ch=3

                                                                                                   14Ian Michael Ruble b.1975

                                                                                                   14Lauren Anne b. 1981

                                                                                                   14Mark Andrew b.198

                                                                                12Julia Leanne b.1959

                                                                                    m. Gary John COONS ch=0

                                                                                     also m. Thomas Francis CUMMINGS ch= 3

                                                                                           13Margaret Linn b.1989

                                                                                           13Joseph Andrew b.1992

                                                                                           13Miles Thomas b.1997

                                                                11Barbara Frances b.1930 d.2001

                                                                    m. Philip Lewis, Jr.  REA ch= 2

                                                                                12Sarah Lee b.1958

                                                                                12Amy Rebecca b.1959

                                                                11Cecelia Anne b. 1934 d.1935

                                                       10Avery Bernard b.1901 d.1993

                                                            m.Ruth Edith DICKEY

                                                                  11Carolyn Ruth b.1925 d.1979

                                                                    m.Donald Edward COCHRAN ch=1

                                                                                12Karthryn Lee b.1951

                                                       10Harold Robert b.1903 d.1987

                                                            m. Mary Marsena BIRD ch=1

                                                                   11Robert Bird b.1932

                                                       10Evelyn Dorothy b.1912 d.2002

                                                          m.Carl Albert NEINGARD ch=2

                                                                    11Lee b.1943

                                                                       m. Marie PEETRIS ch=1

                                                                       also m. Patricia Ann BURG ch=3

                                                                       also m. Paula Renee EDWARDS

                                                                                12Harry b.1970

                                                                                12Mark Lee b.1975

                                                                                12Amy Ruth b.1978

                                                                                12Carla Ann b.1982

                                                                    11Linn b.1952

                                                                        m. Gayla R. HOFFMAN

                                                                                12Carl George b.1984

                                                                                12Rachel b.1987

                                             9Ora Bell b. 1876 d. 1900

                                                m. Unknown SPENSER

                        8George Calvin Sargent

                        8Margaret Sargent b. 1846 d.?

                            m. Absalom C. DALTON (date) ch= ?

                        8Enos Sargent b. 1848 d. 1938

                            m. Allice (Ella/Ellen) CRAMER/CREAMER/CREMER (date) ch= 3

                                            9Kate b.1869 d.1897

                                                m. Sherman HENDERSON ch=2

                                                        10Floyd b.1894 d.1895

                                                        10Fred b.1894 d.1894

                                            9Frank Cremer b.1871 d.1947

                                                m. Frances Luella ORR ch=5

                                                        10Carl L. b.1900 d.1948

                                                            m. Ethel RIGGS ch=1

                                                              11Ann Frances b.1931

                                                                  m.Charles PICKETT

                                                        10Mabel O(rr) b.1906

                                                        10Grace b.1908

                                                        10Fern Cremer b.1913

                                                        10Doris Eilleen b. 1924 d.1925

                                           9Charles H. b.1877 d.1897

         7Lewis  DAINS b. 5/2/1821

           m. Nancy SARGENT ch=2

                        8Kasson DAINS b.1846/7 d.?

                           m. Mary UNKNOWN ch= 1

                                           9Cruette DAINS b.1867

                          m. Katherine RILEY (10/31/1871) ch=8

                                          9Lillian DAINS b.10/20/1873

                                          9George DAINS b.4/20/1875

                                          9Ednie E. DAINS b.8/17/1878

                                          9Myron DAINS b. 6/30/1884

                                          9Guy DAINS b.9/16/1886

                                          9Wade DAINS b.10/9/1888

                                          9Clyde DAINS b.3/10/1891

                                          9Frank DAINS b.6/21/1983

                         8Myron DAINS b.1852 d.8/20/1881

                            m. Margaret “Maggie” DALTON (10/21/1871)

                             ch= 5

                                       9Cora Ann DAINS b.4/10/1872 d.1/12/1940

                                          m. James Sylvester WITHERS ch=3

                                                        10Edith Hazel b.1890 d.1919

                                                            m. Luster Lee McVEY ch=4

                                                              11Elda Marie b.1907

                                                                   m. Melvin Harold SHOVER

                                                                   also m. George Harvey MINTON

                                                                   also m. Olin Dee MORRISON

                                                              11Adrian Luster b.1908

                                                                    m. Nina Lucille MAXWELL ch=2

                                                                        12James Adrian b.1948

                                                                        12John David b.1950                                   

                                                              11Rolland James b.1910 d.1992

                                                                   m. Grace SHERMAN

                                                              11Wilna Mae b.1914 d.1990

                                                                    m. Isaac Dale JACKSON ch= 2

                                                                        12John Dale b. 1933

                                                                            m. Marilee WIGANOWSKI ch=6

                                                                            also m. Mary Patricia JOHNSON PETERSON

                                                                                13John Dale II b.1956

                                                                                13Marilee Jeanette b.1957

                                                                                13Jodi Linn b.1960

                                                                                13Joel Scott b.1960

                                                                                13Matthew James Adrian b.1966

                                                                          12Edith Anne b.1938

                                                                            m. John RARDIN ch=0

                                                                            also m. David HERRON ch=1

                                                                                13David Neil b.1959

                                                        10Bernice Irene b.1893 d.1931

                                                           m.Loring SEARLES ch=2

                                                                11Helen Virgina b.1974

                                                                11Dorothy Louise

                                                                    m. Richard REEDER ch=1

                                                                            12James b.

                                                        10"Katy" Margaret Kathleen b.1903 d.1976

                                                              m. Harold JONES

                                       9Glenna DAINS b.3/8/1874 d.???

                                         m. Frank FARRELL 12/9/1902 ch=?

                                                        10UNKNOWN son

                                       9Augusta “Gussie”DAINS  b.2/1/1879 d.?

                                         m. Loren (Lorn)  STONE ch=2

                                                        10John Paul

                                                        10Loren Frederick b.1912 d.1965

                                                            m. Doris UNKNOWN ch= 3




                                       9Nona (Enola) DAINS b.3/31/1881 d.?

                                         m.UNKNOWN WRIGHT

                                       9Blanche (Vera) A. DAINS  b.1889 d.1967

                                         m.Frank RUSSI  

                            8Francis M.DAINS  b.1854 d.1870   

         7Eleanor DAINS b. 4/16/1822

            m. Calvin DAY (6/14/1849) ch=??? DAY

         7Margaret Jane DAINS b. 2/19/1824 d. 1851

                                                 m. UNKNOWN DAY

                                             7Asa DAINS b. 3/2/1827 d. 8/27/1914 bur. Pratts Fork Cem. Athens County, OH

                                                 m. Sarah Ackley ch=8 bur. Pratts Fork Cem. Athens County, OH

                                                             8William Wallace DAINS b.4/2/1850 d.1905

                                                                m. M. MITCHELL ch=1

                                                                           9UNKNOWN DAINS b.3/11/1878

                                                                             Chauncy, Athens Co, OHIO

                                                              8Dennison “Dennis” DAINS b.5/25/1852 d.7/28/1946

                                                                m. Mary Jane DOUGLAS (1/!/1874) ch=6

                                                                           9Fred DAINS b.6/14/1874

                                                                              m. Myrtle BUTTS ch=2

                                                                                        10Earl Charles DAINS b.3/12/1898

                                                                                             m. Alpha May DAINS

                                                                                         10Pearl Ralph DAINS b.7/28/1905

                                                                                              m. Edith HINES ch=2

                                                                                              11Kenneth Ivan DAINS b.1927


                                                                                              11Gary Wylan DAINS 

                                                                                                b.1930 d.1/1983

                                                                           9Ida Mae DAINS  b.8/18/1875 d.11/24/1878

                                                                           9Jacob E. DAINS b.11/29/1877 d.1898

                                                                           9Charles Jackson DAINS b.12/31/1879 d.?

                                                                             m. Della Mae Rutledge (1900) ch=?

                                                                           9Valchor Valson DAINS b.2/18/1884 d.1/10/1967

                                                                              m.Ruth KENDALL

                                                                           9Asa DAINS b. 3/10/1886 d. 12/3/1966

                                                                              m. Dora ELDRED ch=1

                                                                                           10Ervin b? m? ch=1


                                                              8Andrew Jackson “Jack” DAINS  b.11/19/1854 d. 11 April 1950

                                                                 m. Lucy SLOAN (2/5/1876) ch=3

                                                                           9Berneca b.8/24/1877

                                                                           9Malissa b.9/6/1881 d.???

                                                                           9Sarah Marilla b.9/6/1881 (twin)

                                                             8Samuel DAINS b.7/31/1858 d.2/15/1913

                                                                m. Adeline STANEART ch=8

                                                                           9Winfield Ray DAINS  b.1886 d. 1926

                                                                              m. Dessie MOORE

                                                                           9 J. Emmett DAINS

                                                                               m. Ella GRIFFITH ch=1

                                                                                           10Unknown d.infant

                                                                           9Daisey DAINS  b. 12/19/1880

                                                                             m. Walter MCKINLEY

                                                                           9Ella DAINS  (may have died in infancy)

                                                                           9Clarence Jackson DAINS b. 25 July 1893 d. 3 February 1974

                                                                              bur. Cherry Ridge Cem., Meigs Co., OH

                                                                              m. Dana Edith McLead (December 1915) ch=1

                                                                                            10Carrol Owen Dains b. 29 February 1916 d. 27 May 1995

                                                                                                m. LIVING ch=2 DAINS

                                                                                                    11Nanette m. PRIVATE ch=2



                                                                                                    11Patricia m. PRIVATE ch=2



                                                                           9Walter DAINS

                                                                           9Evaline DAINS

                                                                           9Linder DAINS

                                                             8Mary Jane “Molly” DAINS b. 9/15/1860 d. ???

                                                               m. George BALL ch=3

                                                            8Amanda DAINS b. 4/13/1868 d.???

                                                               m. Homer D. MEIGHEN (5/4/1889) ch=1

         7Nancy DAINS  b. 22 May 1829 Meigs County, OH d. 15 July 1907 

            See: Nancy (Dains) Burt's Obituary

            m. Silas BURT (10 Oct 1850, Athens Ohio) ch= 4 removed to Kansas

                        8 Mary J. Burt  b. ? d? m. SANDERS

                        8Mrs. R. B. (Burt)  Briney (unknown first name)

                        8Ardena Burt b. d. m. WILGUS

                        8O.J. Burt b. d. m.?

         7Calvin, Jr. DAINS   b. 4/9/1835 d. 2/1910

            m. Isabelle HAWK ch=4

                        8Flora DAINS

                          m. Grant KYLE ch=2

                        8Unknown DAINS

                        8Lillian DAINS

                        8Eugene DAINS

            7Amanda DAINS  b. 2/15/1838

               m. Aaron HART (4/1864) ch= ???HART       

6Dolly Kasson DAINS b. 3/16/1795 d. 10/28/1874

   m. Philo SHUMWAY (10/1815)

6Andrew DAINS

6Kasson DAINS b. 7/24/1798 d.8/18/1845

 m Sarah Ester BURROUGHS ch=15

          7George Washington DAINES  b. 11/25/1831 d. 2/18/1903

             m. Priscilla Ann HUNTER ch=10

                        8George Kassan DAINES b. 9/26/1855

                           m. Hannah Orilla SUTTON

                        8Silas Perry DAINES b. 9/1/1857

                           m. Eudora Estella DUNBAR

                            also m. ADDA E. YOUNG

                        8Atlanta Katherine DAINES  b. 12/8/1859

                           m. Arista Oscar HELMS ch=1

                        8James Marion DAINES b.3/22/1862

                           m. Mary FLEEMAN

                        8Nora Ellen DAINES b.3/16/1864

                           m. Harry DUNBAR

                        8Jeremiah Hunter DAINES b. 2/14/1866 d.12/22/1940

                           m. Sarah McBEE ch=2

                                    9Howard Franklin DAINES b.4/20/1903 d.4/4/1993

                                       m. Evelyn Gertrude ch=6


                                            m.George Robert

                                             (9/20/1952) ch=?

                                             10James Frederick

                                                 m.Alma (8/3/1957)

                                             10Carol Evelyn



                                             10Audrey Alice

                                             10Linda Ann

                                                 m.Roderick (12/27/1968)

                                             10Laura Lou

                                                 m. Jerry Stuart


                                    9Silas Fredrick DAINES  b.1907 d.1967

                                      m. Louise MOORE ch=?

                        8Sarah Martha b. 4/24/1868 d.???

                           m. Al BLACKER

                        8Millie Ester DAINES  b.1/30/1871

                        8Emma Jane DAINES b.2/24/1872

                           m. Robert BOYD

                        8Nettie Rowena DAINES b.4/12/1874

                           m. William BRANNIGAN

        7Rosanna DAINS b. 1827 Meigs Co, OH

           m. David MARTIN

        7Atlanta DAINS b. 9/6/1827 d. 1901

           m. Hugh  W. CAMPBELL (1848)

       7Lorinda DAINS  b. 11/3/1829

          m. Silas PETERSON (2/1/1850) ch=7

                        8William R.

                        8John Quincy

                           m. May CANFIELD (1879)

                            also m. Anna WOOD (1885)



                        8Wilson Monroe

                        8Esther J. b. 1860 d. 1942

                           m. W.B SLUTZ (1883)

                        8Charles C. b.1863 d.1943

                          m. Mary HAINES (1883)

        7Hannah DAINS (twin) b. 1/11/1833 d.4/30/1914

         m. John PETERSON ch=5 PETERSON

       7Rosana DAINS (twin) b.1/11/1833

          m. David Martin OAKLAND

       7James Marion DAINS b. 1836

          m. Cynthia COOPER

       7Monroe DAINS b. 1839

       7Jane DAINS b. 1/7/1839

          m. Soloman PETERSON

       7Harriet DAINS b.5/8/1842

       7William “Billie” DAINS b. 1844

          m. Lizzie KITE

       7Wihelmina Priscilla DAINS b.1846

          m. George SEABOLD

       7Sarah DAINS b. 1848

          m. Charles HOLLIS

       7Ester DAINS b. 1850

          m. Marley B SLUTZ

       7Charles DAINS b. 1852

          m. Mary HAINES

6Jane DAINS b. 1801 d. 1824

  m. Junia CASTLE

6Leonard DAINS b. 10/20/1808 d. 6/2/1866

  m. Slovina MOORE

   m. Diana SHUMWAY ch=2

         7Franklin DAINS b.8/15/1839 d.???

           m.??? ch=1

                  8Wesley DAINS b.1895 d.1960, Pheonix, AZ

                     m. Ella

         7Devalson “Val” Leonard DAINS b.2/18/1851 d.12/3/1903

            m. Rebecca Jame CLINE (12/31/1874) ch=8

             also m. Margaret SCHOOLER ch=0

                  8Ina Isabella DAINS b.11/22/1875 d.1/14/1897

                  8John Leonard DAINS b. 5/18/1878 d.5/25/1880

                  8Irvin DAINS b. 12/30/1880 d.3/18/1965

                     m. Ella Elizabeth BOWERS ((12/6/1907)

                  8Albert Williams DAINS b.11/4/1883 b.11/12/1900

                  8Glenola DAINS b.12/19/1885 d.6/17/1907

                  8Ella Glenora DAINS b.10/27/1887 d.5/30/1965 San Diego

                    m. Sydney BOYD (1910)

                    also m. William B. SNOW (1919)

                  8Elizabeth Sylvina DAINS b.11/29/1889 d.10/21/1975 N. Dak

                  8Edmer Leonard DAINS b11/11/1892 d.7/29/1989 Whittier CA

                     m. Clara McNEIL (4/3/1928) ch=2

                                     9Wesley Neil DAINS b.9/5/1929 d.8/3/1977

                                       m. Pauline (8/221/1954) ch=2


                                                  10Polly Ann

                                     9Virginia Ruth DAINS b.4/1/11932

5Chloe DAINS b.11/11/1767

   m. John WILSON (12/17/1789) #child=?

5Lucy DAINS b. 10/15/1775

5Lavina DAINS b. 3/5/1777

5John DAINS b. 4/5/1779

   m. Ann SAWARD ??? #ch=

 5Lydia DAINS b. 7/22/1782

   m. Jedidiah DURFFEY ch= 5

            6Carlton DURFEY b. 1807 d. 1860 (Pontiac, MI)

               m. Lucinda ch= 4

                      7Esher DURFEY

                      7Lydia DURFEY

                      7Milo DURFEY

                      7Mary DURFEY

            6Amanda DURFEYb. bef. 1810

            6Royal  DURFEY b. 3/16/1811 d. 12/11/1879

               m. Lydia ABEL (9/7/1833) ch=4 DURFEY

            6Lucetta DURFEYb. abt. 1813

            6Asa DURFEY b. 3/13/1813 d.2/22/1889

               m. Lorinda REED (1838)

5Jared DAINS b. 6/19/1785 m. ??? #ch=

3 Zerviah DAINS,  b. 3/31/1721 d. 6/2/1756

    m. Stephen NORWOOD #ch=1

    also m. Richard RAYNSFORD ch=3

            4Zerviah NORWOOD b. 2/26/1739/40 d. 1776

               m. Johnathon ARMS ch=

               also m. Joseph MARTIN

               also m. James DALY (murdered) ch=1

                        5David Daly Sr. b. 12/4/1767 d. 3/18/1842

                           m. Martha CALL ch=9

                                       6Cynthia Martin DALY b. 7/9/1799

                                          m. George Miller DAINS (son of Nathan & Mary Wight DAINS ) ch=4

                                                    7Lucy C. DAINS  b.1824 d.1840

                                                    7Mary Ann DAINS   b.1826 d.1872

                                                   7George Gamaliel DAINS  Rev. b.5/1/1828 d.8/3/1884

                                                   7Martha Jane  DAINS b.11/1/1831 d.5/4/1868

                                     6Fredrick Frank DALY b.4/28/1802 d.4/2/1868

                                        m. Eunice UPHAM ch=12 DALY

             4Benjamin RAYNSFORD b. 23 Aug 1751 d. 2 June 1825

                m. Jerusha LUCE ch=4

                          5Eli Raynsford b12 Feb 1787 d 7 July 1863  m? ch=1

                                    6Alva R. Raynsford b.10/15/1834 d.2/7/1893

                                       m.Adleine STANTON (7/1/1862) ch=7 RAYNSFORD

                           5Sibel Raynsford b.26 May 1782    

                           5Anna Raynsford  b.29 July 1784

                           5Fanny Raynsford b.25 July 1792

             4Sybil RAYNSFORD

                m. Jesse BUTTON ch=2

                           5Richard Button

                            5Ransford (Raynsford) Button

             4Richard RAYNSFORD

3Benejah DAINS , b. 9/7/1708 d.1784

     m. Mary MUNROE sister of Ebenezer’s wife (3/23/1733) #ch.=8 William Munroe of Lexington

      also m. Hannah BROWN, widow 2/26/1776 ch= ???

          4Solomon DAINS  b.8/15/1733  d. 1755-1824

              m. Ruth NEFF (4/20/1756) ch=7

              also m. Ann Church BROWN (12/3/1770) ch=4

                            5William  DAINS b. 1/22/1757

                            5Solomon  DAINS (twin) b. 10/1/1758

                            5Levi DAINS  (twin) b. 10/1/1758

                            5Ruth DAINS  b. 5/26/1760

                            5Mary DAINS  b. 11/16/1762

                            5Martha DAINS  b. 1766 d. 1774

                            5Olive DAINS  b. 3/23/1769

                            5Mary DAINS   b. 4/16/1771

                            5Asa DAINS  b. 2/4/1774

                            5Levina  DAINS b. 6/30/1775

                            5Polly  DAINS b. 5/8/1778

          4Miriam DAINS  b.1737 d. 1742

          4Sarah DAINS  b.3/22/1740 d. 1/18/1742

          4Mary   DAINS 8/11/1745 d. 4/25/1759

             m. Abraham BROWN (2/14/1754) ch=1 BROWN

                              5Abigail b. 7/20/1755 d. 1/2/1840

                                 m. Aaron FRENCH b. 2/28/1756 d. 1/8/1807 

          4 Miriam DAINS  b.1742 d.1761

           4Asa DAINS b.9  December 1746 d. 1/3/1763 COVENTRY m. ???

           4Ruth DAINS christened 1784 twins?????

           4Abigail DAINS  christened 1784 twins????

              m. Jedediah Pierson (3/8/1775)

 3 John DAINS b. 6/21/1724 d.1761-1815

    m. Rachel BOND (22 January 1746)  ch=6 John and Rachel (Bond) Dains Descendants of John Whitehead

            4William DAINS b.11 Nov 1758 d. 1849

            4John Jr. DAINS b. 27 April 1751 d. 4 Aug 1837 Rev. War pension #6073, Rev. War Pension Records 18201

               m. Elizabeth PROCTOR  (2/24/1778) ch=3

                        5 John DAINS  b. 1779

                            m. Hannah PROCTOR ch= 4

                                 6John Proctor DAINS  b. 8/8/1818

                                 6Harriet Quimby DAINS  b. 11/30/1819

                                 6Martha Jane DAINS b. 7/25/1828

                                 6Matilda M. DAINS   b. 1833 d. 7/1/1893

                                    m. Unknown PACKARD

                        5Samuel DAINS  b. 1781

                           m. Margaret McLelland (3/25/1811) ch= 1

                                  6Mary M. DAINS  b. 1813

                        5Joshua DAINS  b. 1790

                           m. Lucy UNKNOWN ch=2

                                  6Granville DAINS   b. 1837

                                  6Benjamin C.K.  DAINS  b. 1844                 

            4John DAINS  b. 1748 d.  1750????

            4Mercy DAINS  b. 3/14/1754 d. 1848

4Rachel DAINS   b. 2/5/1746/7  d. 1850

            4Ebenezer William DAINS b. 7/28/1757 d.1820

                m. Margaret BEARD # ch= 7 John and Rebecca Wade Owen Descendants

                        5Elizabeth DAINS b.1777 d. 1867 Elizabeth Martin's Pension Record from Ralph Polen

                          m. Lewis MARTIN (date) #ch= 11 Marriage Cert  Elizabeth (Deans) Martin from Ralph Polen

                                    6Hannah Martin

                                    6Bohnam  Martin b.1798 d.1876

                                      m. Pheobe CONKLIN ch=10 

                                    6Jacob Matin

                                    6John Martin

                                    6Daniel Martin b. 1805 d.1879

  Daniel Martin's Deposition for Elizabeth's pension from Ralph Polen

                                       m. Unknown (bef. 1828) ch=3

                                        also m. Rachel RUSH ch=1

                                    6Rachel Martin 

                                    6Pheobe Martin

                                    6Elizabeth Martin

                                    6Mehaley Martin

                                    6Mary Martin  b.1815 d.1848

                                       m. Ebenezer HARTLEY ch=8

                                    6William Martin b. 1816

                                       m. Abigail ??? ch=8

                       5Thomas DAINS  b. 1790

                       5Andrew Amdrice DAINS  b.1797 d.2/18/1883

                         m. Sarah Hale McCORMICK #ch=4

                          also m. Rosanna SPEARE #ch=1

                          also m. Elizabeth LATIMER

                                     6Adeline DAINS  b. 1820/21 d. aft. 1891

                                        m. James HOFF ch=5 HOFF

                                     6Samuel G DAINES b. 11/6/1831 d. 8/26/1879

                                         m. Mary “Polly” SPEARS (2/1851) ch=11

                                              7Henry DAINS  b. 1857 d.1916 m.Sarah “Sally” Stone

                                              7Mary DAINS  b.1859 d. ??

                                                 m. Harry HENSLEY

                                              7Elizabeth DAINS  b.1861 d.11/9/1879

                                              7James LaneDAINS   b.10/16/1863 d.8/1/1926

                                                 m. Emma Leona PAYTON (9/12/1886) ch=9

                                                  (sister of John Payton who married Leah)

                                                           8Seth Buriel DAINS   b. 2/22/1888 d.11/27/1964

                                                              m. Irene LOFTIN (11/6/1913) ch=7

                                                                         9John Emmit b.9/19/1914 d.7/15/1971

                                                                         9Robert Neal b.5/9/1919

                                                                         9Etta Laverne b.12/14/1920

                                                                         9Clive Duane b.7/28/1925 d.1/1/1928

                                                                         9Willard Lane (twin) b.7/28/1925

                                                                         9Jay Dee b.11/13/1929

                                                                         9Mary Lue b.8/21/1931

                                                           8Joseph Dains b.2/6/1890 d. 8/17/1900, drowned

                                                           8Ollie Dains b. 9/5/1892 d.8/17/1900, drowned

                                                           8Oliver“Britt” Britain Dains b. 10/22/1894 d.6/2/1956 WA

                                                              m. Flora Ilo HOERTON (5/7/1913) ch= 4

                                                                         9Albert Lewis b.1/27/1914 d. 8/19/1976

                                                                         9Howard Vernon b.3/20/1916 d.12/16/1976

                                                                         9Ruth Orvella b.1/18/1919

                                                                         9Genevieve Bonita b.7/26/1927d.9/16/1974

                                                           8Maude  Dainsb.9/1/1896 d.8/17/1900, drowned

                                                           8Mary Frances Dains b. 5/7/1901 d.10/11/1954

                                                           8Pansy Leona Dains b. 5/4/1903 d. 9/27/1968 CA

                                                           8James Everett Dains b.1/26/1906 d.6/3/1954

                                                              m.Helen McKAY (1950)

                                                           8Daisy Alice Dains b. 12/29/1907 d.6/21/1970 CA

                                                               m. Ernest Everett RIDGWAY (2/1/1928)

                                              7Ulysses S. Grant Dains b.4/3/1865 d.7/18/1956

                                                 m. Italy ROBERTS ch=1

                                                           8Britt Dains b.1913 d.11/26/1947

                                                              m.Verda JoAnn MALLOY

                                                               (both killed auto acc.)  ch=2

                                                                          9Sally Dains

                                                                          9Susan Dains

                                              7Winfield Scott  Dains b.2/13/1867 d.5/1/1868

                                              7Leah Dainsb.11/29/1868 d.5/7/1956

                                                 m. John PAYTON ch=13 PAYTONS

                                              7John Dains b.8/13/1870 d10/18/1873

                                              7Michael  Dains b.6/19/1874 d. 8/1874 (twin)

                                              7Seth  Dains b. 6/19/1874 d. 9/15/1961 (twin) Descendants of Seth Daines

                                                 m.Sarah CALHANSE “Sally” STONE (3/20/1893) ch=5

                                                             8Bessie Luella Dains b. 8/25/1894 d.11/26/1977  IA

                                                             8Eugene Dains b.2/7/1904 d.10/25/1918 MO

                                                             8Samuel  Dains b. 1901 d.1959

                                                             8Andrew Dains b.1910 d.1941

                                                             8James Ray  Dains b.1908 d.1976

                                                                m. Minnie M.

                                              7Eddie Dains b.9/20/1875 d.2/1904 Oklahoma (mining accident)

                                     6Henry Dains b. abt 1832

                                     6John Dains  b. abt 1833

                                     6Gilbert Lafayette DAINS b. 1851 d. 12/2/1928 Ludington, MI

                                        m. Ann MARKS (12/28/1868) div bef.1872

                                        also m. Elizabeth Ann LANKFORD (12/23/1872)ch=9

                                              7 Charles P. Dains b.9/23/1873 d.1915

                                              7Clara Rose Dains b.11/1/1875 d. 1896-1900

                                                  m. David BENTLEY ch=1

                                                             8Fredrick Bentley  b.1896

                                              7Andrew Edward Dains b.12/8/1877 d.1960 MI

                                                 m. Winnie Ethel LINCOLN (bef.1919) ch=10

                                                              8 Eleanor Dains b.1919 MI

                                                                  m. Lester MORSE

                                                              8Violet Ethel Dains m.George McSANNOCK

                                                              8Rose Dains m. LuVerne JACOBSEN

                                                              8Kathleen Dains m.Lawrence BURNS

                                                              8Patricia Dains m. Edward ARCHAMBEAU

                                                              8Flossie Dains m. Donald MILLER

                                                              8Winnie Dains m. Wayne BARNETT

                                                              8Jacqueline Dains m. Charles CLEVELAND

                                                              8Gilbert Lafayette Dains b. 1920

                                                                 m.Ada May Landreth ch=7

                                                                           9Anna Christina b.1946

                                                                           9Roger Allen  Dean b.1948 d.1968, Vietnam

                                                                           9Susan Marie b.1952

                                                                           9Nadine Charisse b.1954

                                                                           9Gilbert Lafayette b.1956

                                                                           9Thomas Dale b.1964 d.1964

                                                                           9Robert b.1968 d.1968

                                                              8Edward Leroy b.1922

                                                                m.Christine Mable OUTCALT ch=6

                                                                           9Susan Marie

                                                                           9Marie Elizabeth

                                                                            9Pamela Kay

                                                                            9Deborah Lynn

                                                                            9Christine Winnie

                                                                            9Edward Leroy,Jr.

                                              7Gilbert Leroy b.4/30/1880 d.1954

                                                  m. UNKNOWN ch=2



                                              7Violet Elizabeth b.10/11/1882 d.1975, IA

                                                 m. James CLANCY ch=10 CLANCY

                                              7Nellie b.1884

                                              7Lenora “Lillie” b.9/6/1888 d. 1960


                                              7Pansy b.4/9/1889 d.1972 MI

                                                 m.Simon Sherman W. SWENSON ch=1

                                              7Pearl Edith b.2/23/1893 IA

                                                 m.Emmett A. MALOTT (bet.1900-1917) ch=2

                                                                8Clarence b.9/1917 MI

                                                                8Lillian V. b. 7/1919

                        5Deborah DAINS b.3/24/1791 d. 6/15/1869

                           m.Adam SHANER (date) ch=10 SHANERS

                        5John DAINS b.1786 d. 8/15/1872

                           m. Margaret NEWELLON 

                        5Margaret DAINS b. 1790 d. m. # ch=

                        5Jacob Beard DAINS b.1781 d. after 1860 

John and Rebecca Wade Owen Descendants Dains Family Athens County

                            bur. Hooper Ridge Cem. Ames Twshp., Athens Co., OH 

    Dains Family Athens County   from Tom Burcher                  

                             For service in War of 1812 See: Capt. Brown's Company at the following hyperlink:


                           m. Mary/Margaret HARTLEY (abt. 1805) ch=8

                           also m. Sarah McCORMICK SHANKS (8/9/1840)

                                    6Hartley DAINS b.2/19/1828 d.10/14/1907

 m. Elizabeth DEWITT  sister of Catherine, who married Ebenezer, brother was scalped by the Indians per Olive #ch=9

            7Katherine DAINS   b.10/101852 d.5/19/1931

               m. Percy WALKER

            7Douglas DAINS  b.10/17/1854 d.3/5/1914

                m. Elizabeth FLEMING ch=1

                also m. Susan GREEN (1/23/1904)

                           8Lewis b.1887

                              m. Birdie WALLACE (2/2/1918)

             7Amilla DAINS b.5/22/1856 d.3/12/1880

               m. Unknown SLOAN

             7Enos DAINS b.3/15/1858 d.9/3/1927

               m. Cora Lucinda HUGHES ch=3

                           8Stacy Elmer DAINS   b.9/29/1886 d.1/12/1937

                              m. Ova Olena CLARK (9/9/1096) ch=4

                                         9Thelma Irene b.6/20/1907 d.2/16/1976

                                         9Phyllis Marguerite b.10/23/1909 d.1987

                                         9Helen Ines b.11/25/1911

                                         9Bernice Margaret b.10/10/1923

                           8Hartley Vernie DAINS b.4/23/1890 d.6/1/1895

                              m. Hamma Lucinda RICE (3/17/1912) ch=5

                                         9Josie b.4/2/1913 d.12/12/1915

                                         9Vaughn Arlen b.4/17/1915 d.2/2/1981

                                         9Pauline Bethel b.8/24/1917

                                         9James Enos b.5/16/1921

                                         9Bonnie Jean b.10/11/1928

                           8Cordy O. DAINS  b.10/7/1900 d.10/19/1946

                              m. Jessie TURNER (8/20/1920) ch=6

                                         9Buford DAINS

                                         9Dolores DAINS

                                         9Mary Lou DAINS

                                         9Robert DAINS

                                         9Joan DAINS

                                         9Richard  DAINS              

             7Mary DAINS b.12/31/1862 d.5/21/1880

             (may be the one kidnapped by Indians per Olive)

             7Amelia DAINS b.6/24/1865 d.3/12/1880

             7Ira DAINS b.11/21/1867 d. 1/10/1936

                m. Sarah Ellen CURRY ch=5 (died in childbirth)

                also m. Nettie Lucy PEASLEY TRACY (6/11/1913)

                           8Chester DAINS b. 6/27/1890 d.12/1968

                              m Anne BROCKLEY

                           8Unknown Son DAINS b.6/26/1896 d.6/23/1904

                           8Bernard DAINS b.4/19/1889 d.11/21/1995

                              m. UNKNOWN ch=3

                              m. Faustine GEHRIG

                                           9Duane Conroy b.1921 d.7/4/1980

                                              U.S. Navy  ret. 20 yrs. service

                                              m. Louraine ch=4





                                           9Russel G.

                                           9Gladrin H.

                           8Unknown Son DAINS b.6/23/1904 d.6/23/1904

                           8Unknown Son DAINS b.6/23/1905 d.6/23/1905

            7Seth E. DAINS  b.12/14/1870 d.8/16/1956

                m. Alice GLENN (1898) ch=2

                           8Blanche b.12/1898


              7Lewis DAINS b.7/1881 d.1945

                m. Birdie WALLACE (2/2/1918) ch=1

                           8Lawrence b. 4/8/1911d.5/3/1912

6Catherine DANES  b.? d?

    m. Jacob JONES (11 April 1834) ch=?

    marriage license issued by Clerk of Common Pleas, Athens, Co., OH

6Unknown (possibly JOSEPH)

6Mary Polly DAINS b. 1809 d.1883

                                       m. Francis HAMMON (date) #ch= 10

                                        also m. Thomas McKIBBON ch=0

                                                 7Mary b. 1829

                                                 7Catherine b.5/21/1832 d. 3/25/1887

                                                    m. James HARTLEY 75th Ohio Co B ch=3

                                                           8Oliver J. HARTLEY  b.1850

                                                           8Lillie J.  HARTLEY b. 1854 d. ???

                                                              m. Joseph P. DEAN (4/22/1877)

                                                           8Francis M. HARTLEY  b.1863

                                                 7Jefferson b.3/20/1835


                                                 7Margaret Edith b. 3/9/1842 d. 9/17/1908

                                                    m. Benjamin Franklin HARTLEY (2/22/1859) ch=2

                                                     also m. George Washington TUCKER ch=7

                                                 7Francis Marion


                                                 7Sarah Ann

                                                 7Isiah Houge


                                     6Dorcas Tabitha Danes b.6/15/1815/6 d. 4/28/1904 

                            m.Joseph JOHNSON 21 April 1834 ch=8 JOHNSON 

                           marriage license issued by Clerk of Common Pleas, Athens, Co., OH

                                                7Mary Jane JOHNSON

                                                7Malinda JOHNSON

                                                7Calvin JOHNSON

                                                7Sarah JOHNSON

                                                7James JOHNSON

                                                7William JOHNSON

                                                7Isaiah JOHNSON

                                                7Oliver Lincoln JOHNSON

                         6Sarah Newlin Dains b.6/11/1818 d.6/15/1905

    bur. Hooper Ridge Cem. Ames Township, Athens Co.OH  

                            m. George LINSCOTT (date) ch= 12 Sarah Newlin Dains Linscott and family 

                            (came to Athens 1826 w/ parents, homestead purchased 1839, Linscott Homestead 

                             Sarah lived there 69 years had 65 GCh and 90 GGCh)

                         6Alexander W. Danes b.5/4/1822 d.7/28/1901 bur. MO

                              m. Sarah JOHNSON ch =8                                        

  7William A. DAINS  b.3/20/1845 d.3/29/1910

      m. Minerva MITCHEL (4/21/1870) ch=8                                

       also m. Rosella CRIPPEN ch=1

             8Elizabeth Jane DAINS b.1/12/1872 d.1/25/1927

               m.Clarence EDGELL

             8Cecilia Ann DAINS b.1/22/1875 12/5/1963

                m. Edward Earl SLATER (7/1/1900)

             8Robert Owen DAINS b.3/11/1878 d.6/7/1947

                m. Elizabeth BROOKER (10/26/1905)

             8Lavina DAINS b.7/11/1880 d.5/1/1928

             8Nellie DAINS b.2/1885 d.10/5/1928 WV

                 m.Unknown JOHNSON

                 also m. Walter PRIMROSE (10/17/1907)

              8Sankey (twin) DAINS b. 9/9/1886 d.12/8/1970

              8Moodey (twin) DAINS b. 9/9/1886 d.2/8/1950

              8John DAINS b.2/19/1889 d.2/11/1890

              8Glen Bryant DAINS b.9/22/1896 d.3/29/1955

                                                                 m. Lottie DELIGHT 

                                                7Thomas  DAINS       

                                                7Nelson DAINS b. 1847

   m. Anna B. HUTCHINSON (4/10/1880)

7Lucy Ann DAINS  b.1848

    m.Charles W. DYSON (3/15/1868)

7Sarah A.DAINS   b.8/1850 d. Council Bluffs, IA

 m Charles WALKER (9/15/1872)

7James L. DAINS  b.1852

7Eli E. DAINS  b.4/1855

   m.Sarah ALYEA (9/28/1884)

7Elizabeth J. DAINS b. 1859

7Lena DAINS b.1/1861 d.10/19/1930 Council Bluffs, IA

   m. Peter S. KENNEDY (1889) ch=6 KENNEDY

                                     6Ebenezer William DAINS  b. 10 May 1820 Guernsey County, Ohio Grandfather Daines

                                      History of Hocking Valley p. 747   Ebenezer's gravestone  

                                        d. 19 May 1899 Dover Township, Ohio 

                                           bur. True Cem. Oregon Ridge Road, Dover Twshp., Athens Co., OH

                                         m. Catherine Pearl DEWITT (14 July 1841) ch= 13 Catherine's gravestone

                                             (Catherine's bro. scalped per Olive's letter)

                                               7Eliza Jane “Jennie” DAINS Jane Eliza Daines Davis

Info from Tom Burcher

                                                  b.22 October1868 bur. Sands Cem. Trimble Township, Athens Co, OH

                                                  m. Shelby DAVIS  Grandpa Shelby (per Olive’s letter)

he died of intemperance in 1915, aged 45, ch= 7

                                                            8Clarice Adelaide DAVIS b. 1899 d. 1957

bur. Williams Cem. Muskinghum County, OH

                                                                m. Fred WARDEN

                                                            8Dow Wilbert DAVIS b. 1901 d. 1983 bur. Maplewood Cem., Rt. 78, Glouster, OH

                                                                m. Mae Richards

                                                            8Mary Beatrice DAVIS b. 1907 d. 1991 bur. Pisgah Cem. Rt. 78, Morgan Cty., OH

                                                                m. John KIRKBRIDE

                                                            8William Lester DAVIS b. 1903 d. 1984 bur. Woodlawn Cem., Zanesville, OH

                                                                ch=Frema Davis

                                                            8Paul Evert DAVIS  b.1905 d. 1996 bur. Woodlawn Cem., Zanesville, OH

                                                                m.Velma Draper

                                                            8Freda Irene DAVIS b. 1910 d. 1988

bur. Mound Hill Cem., Ames Township, Athens Cty., OH

                                                                m. Wilbur BURCHER

                                                            8Herbert Ebenezer DAVIS b.1895 d.1901

   bur. True Cem.Oregon Ridge Road, Dover Twshp, Athens Co., OH

                                                               died in childhood of diptheria, and is buried with his grandmother and

                                                               grandfather so he wouldn't be alone.

                                                 7George Washington DAINES b. 18 June 1842 d. 29 May 1920

                                                    bur. Robinson Cem. George's obit  George's gravestone GW's Teaching Certificate 1877

                                                    m. Mary Jane ROSELL (18 August 1865) ch= 7 Mary Jane's obit 

                                                            8Georgetta Daines b. d.

                                                            m. (3 October 1885) JOSEPH P. SMITH ch=1

                                                                    9Carl Smith b. d. m. ch=

                                                            8John R. DAINES b. 1869 d. 1950

bur. Spring Grove Cem. Bloomingdale, MI  John's obit

                                                              Blacksmith and Township Treasurer ch=4

                                                               m. Flora HARING ch=5

 John and Flora Haring Daines John and Flora Haring Daines 49th anniversary

                                                                    9Grace Daines

                                                                    9Olive Daines

                                                                    9Etta Daines

                                                                    9Paul Daines Breedsville Band

                                                            8Bannie DAINES b. 29 March 1870 d.

                                      m. Wilbur HARING ( Flora's brother) (date) #ch= 1+?

                                              9Dorothy Haring b. d. m. ch=1


                                     8Walter Ebenezer DAINES b.31 May 1872 d. 1954 

Order Establishing Time and Place of Birth Walter's obit

                                       m. Lottie PUTNEY(date) #ch=4 Walter and Lottie's gravestone

                                               9Bruce Daines b.8 March 1900 d.1976

                 m. (25 December 1928) Ethel b.21 April 1908 d. 27 October 2007  ch=3                                             

              10Eleanor Janice

                      m. Douglas (10 June 50) #ch= 3

                  11Sharla Renee

                                                                                   m. Tom  (3 May 90) (div)

                                                                             11Janice Lee  #ch=2

                                                                                          12Robert Scott

                                                                                          12Sarah Janice

                                                                                            m. Jared (date) ch=2                                                                                

                                                                                                       13Jacob Alexander

                                                                                                       13Andrew David

                                                                             11Douglas Andrew

         m. Linda (30 May 1988) ch=????

   10Marvel Elizabeth b

              m. Jack #ch=3

                                                              also m. Raymond ch=1

                                                              also m.Ray (x2 )

                                                              also m. Fred ch=0

                                                                            11Joy b. 21-2 April 1959 d. 28 September 1987

                                                                            11Jill .

                                                                             m. George #ch=2



                                                                            11Jay #ch=1



    m.Tim ch=1

  also m. Tim ch=3

                   12Joshua b.




                                                                        10Robert Bruce

                                                                                     m. Bonnie (date)#ch=2

                                                                                     Also m. Nicole #ch=1

                                                                           11Barbara Ellen

                                                                               m. Scott #ch=2

                                                                                          12Amelia Joy


                                                                              11Laurie Alen

                                                                                  m. Robert ch=0

                                                                              11J.B. “John” m. ????

                                                                       9Travilla George Daines b.27 April 1912 d. 3 Sept 1980

Travilla's obit                                                                               

m. Marvel (17 September 1937) ch=3

                                                                         10Marvel Gail Daines b.8 May 1942  d. 4 July 1998

                                                                            m. Douglas #ch=2  (div.)

                                                                            also m. Russell ch=0

                                                                    10Bonnie Daines b. 13 September 1949 d. /1968 Bonnie Daines' obituary


                                                                         m. Astra (24 May 1986) ch=1


                                                         9Ford K. Daines b. 1902 d.1991

                                                            m. Flora STOBIE #ch=0 

                                                         9Roberta Daines b.28 June 1917 d.30 August 1989

                                                            m. Fred (1944 or 45) #ch=2

                                                                     10Dennis Daines

                                                                       m. Shannon ch=3     





                                                                        m. Greg P ch=3 (div.)

                                                                        also m. Greg ch=0


       m. Jeff (1997)   


11John Michael

       m. Kristen 18 October 1999       


      m. Brandon ch=1



                                                       8Ira Solomon DAINES b. bet. 29 June 1875 d. 1951 

                                                         m. Cora CASE b. 1869 d. 1953 (date) ch=1

                                                            9Beatrice DAINES b.26 Sept 1900 d.1 June 1993

                                                             m. UNKOWN GUNN 

                                                             m. JOSEPH HOAG ch= 3

                                                             m. UNKNOWN DARLING

                                                                 10Joe Hoag ch=0

                                                                 10William Ira Hoag b. 9 Jan 1923 d. 10 Feb.1930

                                                                 10Donald R. Hoag 22 June 1929 d. 22 August 1929

                                                      8Carl Willard DAINES b.3 October 1877 d. 5 December 1946 

                                                            bur. Robinson Cem. Gobles, MI.

                                                         served in 45th Infantry Philippines Vol. Co. D

                                                          m. (1 Jan 1903) Jennie Bell GOULD d. 9 May 1919 ch= 10

                                                            (six preceded their father in death)

                                                          also m. (date) Lena WARNER WEATHERWAX

                                                            b. 27 February 1880 d. 8 June 1984  #ch=0

            9Luther DAINES b. 6 September 1914 d. 24 October 2001

                Luther's commission Luther's obit

                                                              m. Genevieve (21 September 1946) #ch= 4


                                                                    m. Thomas (10 December 1976) #ch=2




                                                                       m. Sylvia (20 March 1982) ch=2 (div. September 1994)



                                                                    10Lauretta Rae (Lauri)


                                                          9Lillian Irene b.6 September 1914

                                                           m. Richard  ch=4

                                                                    10 Richard Allen

                                                                     m. Joan Irene (11 May 1974) ch=3

                                                                           11 Jennifer Irene

                                                                               m. Scott div. ( May 1993) ch=3

                                                                                          12 Joseph Scott                                                                                                                                               12 Nicole Irene

                                                                           11Scott Alan

                                                                                m. Theresa (20 October 01)

                                                                           11Cheryl Avis

                                                                    10Roberta Eileen

                                                                       m. Edward (25 August 1961) ch=1

                                                                        wid. 7 February 1988; m. James

                                                                            11Shawn Edward

                                                                                   m. Kirsten (5 August 1989) ch=3

                                                                                         12Josilyn Elise

                                                                                         12Allison Grace

                                                                                         12Aaron Edward

                                                                    10Larry Wayne

                                                                       m. Patsy (1964) ch=2 (div)

                                                                        also m. Elaine (1999)

                                                                              11Kimberly Lynette ch=3

                                                                                           12 Joshua Ryan

                                                                                           12 Cody Nicholas

                                                                                            12 Zachary Wayne

                                                                                11Korey Allen

                                                                                      m. Deborah 

                                                                    10 Lois Elaine

                                                                       m. Douglas (24 August 1963) div. ch=4

                                                                        also m. John (22 January 1985)

                                                                                 11Cynthia Ann


                                                                                        12Todd Allen  

                                                                                        12Patrick Joseph               

                                                                                        12Eric Allen

                                                                                 11 Lori Elaine

                                                                                 11Dawn Irene ch=3

                                                                                         12Amanda Renee

                                                                                         12Alicia Marie

                                                                                         12Christopher Charles

                                                                                 11Renee Lynn

                                                                                     m. Michael (13 January 1997)

                                                                                         ch=3 (adopted 2 nephews)

                                                                                          12Andrew Michael

                                                                                          12Patrick Joseph (nephew)

                                                                                          12Eric Allen (nephew)

                                                        9Richard O. DAINES b.1919 d.1934

                                                        9Wilbur J. DAINES b. 1906 d. 1926 Wilbur's obit

                                                        9Willard Carlos DAINES b.6 December 1916 d. 11 December 2001

                                                         (obit says 31 Gch 40GGch 6 GGGch)

                                                           m.Benice Maria SUITER (4 January 1939) (div) ch=3

                                                           m. Carrie Elizabeth SAYER BUTLER (18 April 1981)

                                                           m. Josephine

                                                                   10 Diana Marie


                                                                   10Shirley Avis

                                                                        m. Bruce (1 October 1961)ch=2

                                                                                  11Kelly Lynne

                                                                                    m. Jeff  11 June 1994 ch= 1


                                                                                  11Wendy Kay

                                                                                     m. Michael  (19 May 2000) ch=???                                                                                   

                                                                  10Judith Irene


                                                        9Vernon DAINESb. d. aged 8 years

                                                        9Avis DAINES b. d. aged 1 ½ years

                                                        9Marie DAINES b. d. early 1970’s

                                                           m. Lewis CAREY ch=3

                                                                 10Cora Jane Carey

                                                                 10Tom Carey

                                                                 10Dick Carey

                                                        9Lucille  DAINES b. d. aged 3 years

                                                        9Lois DAINES b. 1880 d. m. (date)  #ch=?

                                                      8Emma DAINES died, aged 13

                                                        bur. Robinson Cem. alongside her mother and father- a etched stone is her marker.

                                  7Jasper Newton DAINS b.1/23/1844 d. 9/17/1911 Jasper Newton Dains obit

                                     bur. Old West State Street Cem. obit from

                                     m. Releifa Clestina REED)  ch=4 (OLIVE RUFFNER’S GP’S)

                                                     8Lawson Newton DAINS

                                                      m. Sarah E. CRECHBAUM (2/5/1902)

                                                     8Alma Lucilla DAINS  b. 1875 d. 1940

                                                        m. Robert BUCHANAN (1896) ch=

                                                     8Mary Susanna DAINS  b.1879 d. ?

                                                        m. Oliver L. TAYLOR (5/16/1896)ch= 1

                                                          9Olive Taylor m. Ruffner  ch= 2                                                           

                                                                 10Fredrick G. Ruffner ***3 Gch.+++

                                                                 10James Alan Ruffner

                                                      8Andrew Franklin  DAINS  b. 1883

                                                        m. Lucinda REED (6/28/1902) ch=1

                                                            9Virginia DAINS  b.11/1911

                                     7Mary Armilla  DAINS  b.10/2/1845 d.1/24/1915 bur. Nye Cem.

                                        Mary Armilla LearnedDeathCertificate

                                        m. Andrew Jackson LEARNED (date) #ch=9

                                                      8Emma Jane Learned

                                                      8Elmer Ellsworth Learned

                                                      8Herbert Ebenezer Learned

                                                      8Clara Viola Learned  m. Unknown WADE living in Columbus, OH age 90

                                                      8Charles Dickers Learned

                                                      8Daniel Webster Learned

                                                      8Lucy Edith Learned

                                                        m. NORRIS ch= 1

                                                             9Mary Ann NORRIS

                                                                m. SELL

                                                      8George Henry Learned

                                                      8Mabel Florence Learned

                                   7Elizabeth Hannah DAINS  b.4/19/1847

                                     m. unknown BROWN (date) #ch=?

                                      also m. Francis Gimble STEADMANch=1

                                                      8William Ebenezer Steadman  b. ????? d.?

                                                         m.Mildred Maria BIRCHER 5/4/1893

                                   7James Jacob DAINS b.2/13/1849 d. 2/1/1920 bur. Lucasville,OH 

James Jacob Daines Death Certificate Info from Tom Burcher

                                        m. Adeline BROOKS (date?) ch= ?

                                        also m. Katherine CAREY (date?) #ch=4 See Portrait of Catherine Carey

                                                       8George DAINS  living at age 90 in Athens Co, per Olive Ruffner

                                                            m. Mary Palmer Mary A Palmer Dains Death Certificate

                               8Callie DAINS  d. in infancy

                               8Pearl DANES

                               8Ernest Ebenezer DANES Catherine Carey 

                                   m. Jenna Anne GRADY ch=

                                        9Perle Edward DANES m Cora Effie HEISS ch=

                                             10Richard DANE m. Irma Beatrice SMITH ch=

                               8William DANES d. bef. 1920

                               8James Thomas DAINS b. 1/25/1869 d. 6/7/1954

                                m. Cora Ellen PALMER ch=5

                                         9Victor O.DAINS b.6/1/1900

                                         9Perry DAINS b. ?

                                         9Earl DAINS 

                                         9Esther May DAINS b. 9/27/1906

                                         9William Wallace DAINS, Rev. b.3/27/1911 d.6/28/1966

                                            Church of Christ Weirton, W Va

                    7Catherine DAINS b. 9/22/1850 d. 1852 (d.1852 per Olive Ruffner)

                    7Sarah Ann “Sally” DAINS b.2/22/1853 d.7/31/1892

                       m. Charles R. WATKINS (date) #ch=6

                                                     8Lilliam Watkins

                                                     8Lulu Watkins

                                                     8Leona Watkins

                                                     8Albert Ebenezer Watkins b.7/19/1875

                                                      (Alice Daines attended his funeral)

                                                     8Martha Watkins b.7/25/1881

                                        7Alexander Hartley DAINS b.1/1/1857 d. 2/10/1861

                                        7Lydia Violet DAINS   b.11/19/1858 d.4/27/1946 bur. Glouster Cem.

Lydia Dains Watkins obit  from Tom Burcher

                                            m. Charles R. WATKINS (sister’s widower) #ch=5

                                                   8Earnest Watkins b. 7/28/1893 d. ?

                                                   8Cecil Watkins b. 10 March1895 d.9 May 1972

Cecil Watkins obit  Cecil Watkins WW1uniform  from Tom Burcher

                                                   8Sheldon Eugene Watkins  b.10/9/1896 d.22 January 1970

Sheldon Watkins obit  from Tom Burcher

                                                      m. Augusta UNKNOWN ch= ?

                                                   8Damon Dent Watkins b. 2/8/1898 d. ???

                                                   8Pearl  Watkins b.???

                                                   8Maud Estella Watkins

                                                        m. Thomas William SELBY (4/15/1899)

                                        7John V. DAINS b. 11/14/1860 d. 4/6/1877

                                        7Thomas Jefferson DAINS  b. 3/2/1863 d.10/1940

                                           m. Susan STURGEON (date) ch=????

                        7William Ebenezer DAINS b.1/20/1855 d. 5/12/1935


                                           gravestone says DANE (from Erika Steirhoff's info)

                                           m. Athalinda Eliza REED (3/20/1881)  ch=12

                                                8Nora DAINS

                                                8Florence DAINS

                                                8Ebenezer DAINS  b.1885 d.1961

                                                8Catherine  DAINS b. 11/30 1887

                                                8Mary Ann DAINS  b. 1889

                                                8Francis DAINS  b.6/24/1891

                                                8William Thomas DAINS  b. 3/24/1893 d. 1918, aged 26


                                                8Eva Louise DAINS (twin) b. 10/15/1895

                                                8Effie Louella DAINS  (twin) b. 10/15/1895

                                                8Lillian Alice DAINS  b.10/9/1898

                                                8Ruben Lafayette DAINS  b. 3/14/1901 d. 8/28/1962                                  

                                                   m. Cassie Mae SHOOK (1919) ch= 8 (two are step-children)

                                                            9Lewis Watson MARTIN b. 4/22/1909 d. 10/31/1983

                                                            9Frank Wilbur CLARK b.5/8/1914 d.1/29/1944

                                                            9Merl L DAINS .  b. 3/13/1920 d. 5/1988

                                                           m. Robert Earl  ch=5

                                                           also m. Max  (div. 1952)

                                                         9Ruben L.  DAINS  b. 1929 d. 1 ½ hours after birth

                                                           bur. Huntsville, OH

                                                            9Jaunita Mae “Dolly” b.

                                                          m. Lloyd   ch= 5

                                                                        10Laura June

                                                                        m. Don  ch=2


                                                                        m. W.  ch=2



                                                                        m. Dan  ch=3

                                                                        10John J. ch=2

                                                        9Etta Pearl b. ?

                                                        m. Ronald L.  (1953) ch=8

                                                                        10Mary Mae




                                                                        10Baby girl (still born)




                                                        9Marlin Jack 

                                                        m. Julia Ann  ch=4

                                                                        10Aleta Kem 

                                                                        m. Gerald Edward  (div. 1995) ch=1


10Guy Marlin 

            m. Aneta Suzanne  ch=2

                        11Chelsea Rae 

                        11Clinton Jack 

                                                                        10Ruth Anne

                                                                        m. David L. 

                                                                        10Jeanie b. 

                                                                        m. Randall Lee  ch=2

                                                                                    11Mickalea Leeann 

                                                                                    11Eric Daine 

                                                   9Celina Ruby b. 1936 d. aged  3 mos. 3 days

                                                   bur. Degraff, OH

                                          8John S. DAINS   b.1903